How to DIY a Wedding Bouquet?

diy wedding bouquet

With the onset of the wedding season, we are here with an interesting DIY wedding bouquet. Don’t get a shock. It is easy. People are in a notion that a DIY wedding bouquet is a herculean work. But this is untrue. Yes, it is a methodical task. The most indispensable part of a flower bouquet is flowers. Flowers are smiles of nature. By gifting a bouquet to your loved ones you can make them smile. A gala day like a wedding will go pale without the flowers. Flowers are nature’s gift that brings joy and happiness and ushers prosperity. You can pluck it from the greens or order from vendors. Just remember to gather all fresh and healthy flowers. The flowers will infuse the same amount of happiness in our life. They are givers, not receivers.
Whether you want to customize your own wedding bouquet or planning to do it for your loved ones, creating a DIY wedding bouquet by yourself is a lot of fun that also shows your additional creativity skills.

Advantages of DIY Wedding Bouquet

  • Money-saving
  • Utilization of unused resources
  • Engaging
  • Shareable

When we are telling it is money-saving we don’t highlight that it is free. It curtails your expenses. What gets saved are some labor charges. For instance, if we talk about a DIY wedding bouquet you can skip the labor charge of the florist. For most of the accessories, you will have to pay. But again remember this will be a one-time investment. If you get hooked to it you will not regret spending the amount. What you cannot skip is the cost of flowers. For this, you have to either buy or need to have a lofty garden. But if we talk about satisfaction and happiness we can best realize it with an example of food served in restaurants and the same being cooked by our beloved mothers seasoned with love, care, and compassion.


wedding bouquet

When to Prepare a DIY Wedding Bouquet?

Since flowers are perishable it is best to prepare the bouquet only one day ahead else it will not have the fresh look. If you are doing it for the first time do hands-on before you arrange it for the final day. Remember practice makes a man perfect.

An Outline for DIY Wedding Bouquet

  • Go for a mix and match for flowerings and tapes
  • Seasonality tops the priority list
  • Be ready with pins, wires, thread, tapes, scissors, shears, knives, and colourful ribbons
  • Set up a spacious workspace
  • De-thorn the flowers
  • Get set go!

Functions of the Tools

Wires and threads are needed for initial tying. Wires are more secured than thread so, for a firm and neat grouping go for wires. Shears, knives, and scissors are cutting tools to give a perfect shape to the DIY wedding bouquet. Some soft stems can be used for giving curls.

Creativity matters

Whenever you do some decoration work creativity and imagination go hand in hand. Arranging a DIY Wedding bouquet is also a type of decoration and a form of art. Colour combination, flower size, variety, and ribbon are assortments that turn your bouquet into a stunning one. Keep experimenting and dig satisfaction! That’s a thumb rule in any DIY activity. To refine your skills you can join classes for DIY activities. Trust me you will not be upset.

With all your accessories ready sit in a cool comfortable place to start your DIY. Often some external sources click starts our imagination. So the best place to choose is a garden or corridor loaded with greens. A poolside can also be an ideal spot as water will be nearby. The cool blue colour will spark your imagination and taste. A soft breeze will carry the smell of flowers all around instilling some happiness of new life. If the bouquet is for someone very special then it will get blended with good wishes and love. Let the positivity pour in!

The Best Part of DIY

Needless to say, DIY stands for do-it-yourself. Only those who want to invest time and energy in doing something productive show interest in these activities. It is a good learning activity and also saves money. By God’s grace if you are successful your spirit will be unstoppable. You can end up opening your own shop or some channel to outsource your creativity. One DIY will open door to many others as creativity gives birth to creativity. You never know which DIY will become your brainchild. Even you can encourage your juniors or students to do such things. This can also take the place of school activity. Kids will enjoy learning such innovative steps.

Trick to retain the freshness

Discard the stale and pale flowers and leaves as they rot other flowers. Sprinkle water or place the bunch in freshwater buckets. Once prepared you can place it in the refrigerator too.

How to Diy A Wedding Bouquet

Now Let’s Discuss the Steps of a DIY Wedding Bouquet

First thing is to click on the flowers keeping in mind the season. If you are a super gardener you can grow some flowers compatible with seasons.

Since it’s a wedding bouquet you need to collect flowers of bright hues and mix and match the same. Contact some popular vendors to get bunches of a variety of flowers.

  1. In absence of a garden, you can contact a florist for supplying flowers. Rose, jasmine, and sunflower being the most common attract attention. But for those whose has a rare eye can opt for some imported variety.
  2. Pink Limonium, peony, green trick dianthus, phlox, eucalyptus, white lisianthus, and statice are some flowers that adorn a bouquet. If your gala day has a theme make sure your bouquet is coherent with it.
  3. Start your decoration by removing dried or soggy leaves. Some fresh green leaves can be kept to add some life. This step we call mess reducing steps. The soggy leaves or dried ones can spoil the entire bouquet at any point in time. Love your fingers. Don’t let the thorns prick! Shave the stems before binding.
  4. Pick up the focal flower which means the flower that will be the center of attraction. Hold near the petals and start picking up other flowers.
  5. What you should remember is the height of the arrangements. You have to also consider the shape of the bouquet. A round or longitudinal bouquet is the most common one. The height of the flowers will be according to that.
  6. A well-filled bouquet looks more compact than a loose or uneven one. So have enough flowers in stock to give a bouncy look. Some tiny flowers can be kept in stock to use as fillers.
  7. Once you have added flowers to the right and left side of the focal flower you can pick up a ribbon and tie those. Use floral tape or ribbon to tie it up.
  8. Chop off the excess string. Focal flowers can be one or more in numbers.
  9. Ta-da! You are ready with your DIY wedding Bouquet.

The Cutting Step Begins

Pick up your scissors and be ready with force. You have to cut the uneven stalks and stems. Some are hard some are soft. But try to do it neatly so that it doesn’t look uneven. A vital point is the diameter of the bouquet. It should not be too thick or too heavy. If the bride has to hold it for a long time she might feel uneasy. Once the ribbon is wrapped pick up the tape and wraps the bunch from top to middle. Don’t paste the tape till the bottom it will mar the natural look of the bouquet.

Experiment With Ribbons

For the initial knot, we have used the ribbon. You can also use a firm thread instead. For the final look, we can play with matte and shiny ribbons. Hold the end of the ribbon and take it from the top of the flower. This way the stalks will give a shiny look or matte look alternatively. Save some bright colour ribbon to make an attractive bow. This will complete the look of the bouquet and make it gorgeous too. Just imagine how a simple object can get friendly with natural flowers.

Pro tips

  • Though the choice of flower and theme is a personal affair we are placing some bouquet arrangement flower combination. They will suit a romantic date, wedding, or any auspicious occasion.
  • The compatibility of white and red can be seen when red coffee beans and white tulips unite.
  • Mix some blue thistle with some pink peonies for a soothing look.
  • Let the gerbera daisies pop up from yellow and white chrysanthemums.

Other Tips to Keep in Mind

  • Season: you must keep the seasons in your mind while preparing the DIY Wedding Bouquet. Colour combination: A perfect colour combination of flowers can make your DIY wedding bouquet stand out in the crowd. While picking flowers for your bouquet, make sure they are looking beautiful while playing together.
  • Care: Make sure you keep the bouquet with care so that flowers remain fresh and beautiful. Keep them in a cool place.

A Perfect Present for a Beautiful Bride

Walking down the aisle will be more exciting with a DIY wedding bouquet. With the cost of floral decoration flying high, these DIY hacks will rock! Make it for yourself or for loved ones this is a worthy affair. No other gift can touch a heart more than these flowers. These natural objects have the power to inculcate positivity that gears up the mood. Hence you can make such bouquets for anyone and any occasion. A DIY flower bouquet will act like medicine for an ailing person. Your DIY bouquet will be a symbol of good wishes to someone starting a new venture. That’s how you can spread happiness all around.

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