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Mobile Klean Review – The Original Ultraviolet Light Sanitizer

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]I hope this review will help understand how I used Mobile Klean in my daily life as an Educator. In a time like these with pathogens and viruses being such a hot topic I thought id share how I use Mobile Klean and my experience with it. I hope this helps you understand what Mobile Klean is, how it can help you, and if it's right for you. We think it's great and here is why!

How I use Mobile Klean on a Daily Basis

Being an educator and parent you are always looking for ways to protect your kids.  In my experience, its always been difficult to find that one sanitizer that can protect my students and children, especially with all their germ-infested electronic devices.  Finally, I came across a sanitizer that I was able to use for big cleansing jobs or some that just pop-up or on the go, Mobile Klean!

I researched many sanitizers that are on the market, but Mobile Klean is the most convenient and safe way that I found to protect, my classroom and home. It is easy and fast to use especially after my students just got done using their class laptops and I have another group of kids coming into use them.

Mobile Klean Reviews Laptop

I got my first Mobile Klean on Their Official Website.  There was plenty in stock at the time but with all this panic buying I wouldn't be surprised if they sold out.  I got mine within 2 days so I was quite happy with that.  There were couple other websites that I found selling the device but I decided to purchase direct from the official Mobile Klean Website.

I work at a pretty clean school.  The custodial staff does a really good job of wiping down surfaces and keeping the campus clean.  You can never be too cautious though.  The hallways we walk through, the books we study out of and the technology we use are constantly infected with new germs every day.  It is now my go to disinfecting method and I wish I found it sooner.

I decided to buy several Mobile Klean wands for my classroom.  I started making my students use them as part of our daily cleaning routine at the end of class.  My students know before they leave “on-time” it’s going to be “Wand Time”.

Mobile Klean Class

Mobile Klean is shaped liked a small wand that you can easily hold over germ infected areas without actual contact and its safe UV light quickly kills the microorganisms.  My students, have started to use these neat little devices on their own phones and were shocked to see how infested with germs they are and how quickly this handheld UV light can disinfect their device.

As a result, I have noticed less of my students get sick or miss class.  I have recommended Mobile Klean to some of my colleagues and they have said they seen the same results in their classrooms.  My students were amazed at how many germs are really around them, There has even been talks at my school to have at least ONE in every classroom and even use by custodians around campus.

What is the Mobile Klean UV?

Simply Put Mobile Klean is a UV Disinfecting Wand that is Battery Powered, Non Toxic, No Chemicals, Quick, Easy, and safe enough to be used by a child.

This thing has helped me clean all the surfaces in my classroom and house.  I have also used it to clean all my mobile devices at home and children’s toys at home. After reading a study about UV disinfecting it had me convinced that it is eradicating all germs that I am using it on.  I haven’t found a surface that it couldn’t disinfect.  It is truly the all-purpose disinfectant that is a must have for every house or classroom in my case.


This disinfectant will effectively break a part any transmission journey by quickly eradicating door handles, countertops, toilet seats, dinner tables and remote controls.  From mine and my colleagues use in our classrooms and homes, it’s been helpful to reduce our own and family illnesses.  The Mobile Klean is fast acting and safe to use on all surfaces.

How does the Mobile Klean work?

It wasn’t very complicated learning how to use Mobile Klean.  The wand takes a couple of batteries and its ready to go.  I wish I would had this sanitizer my first year teaching.  It’s been a long time waiting for something this manageable to keep my classroom clean and my students safe!

The great thing that grabbed my attention and the fascination of my students when using Mobile Klean is that we could see the UV light breaking through and get rid of toxic germs.  I think they were happier when I allowed them to use the wand on their electronic devices.

On an everyday basis my classroom is visited by at least 200 kids.  My goal has always been to have them learn in environment that is safe and secure.  More so now in a world wear germs are just as dangerous as physical weapons, Mobile Klean is my answer to protection.

Who is Mobile Klean for and How do I used it?

I think Mobile Klean is great for anyone. It can be used at home to help stop the spread of diseases or sicknesses, at work, in the car, the applications are endless and it folds into a compact size so you can take it anywhere.

I use Mobile Klean even on all the glass windows that the kids can reach and touch, wood cabinets and metal that I have in my classroom and at home.   The UV light on the wand is affective on bacteria, fungus and viruses to protect all my students and family members.  I feel now I would be doing my students and family a disservice if I don’t take precautions that I do with carefully picking a disincentive.  This device allows me to reduce the amount of sick students and kids.  The flu is a big disease that my students deal with each year.  After I started using Mobile Klean the number I noticed the number of students getting sick reduced.

When am I at work and at home there is a lot on my plate like grading papers and feeding the kids.  I needed something that made my life easier, especially with cleaning.  Mobile Klean is a lightweight product that provides deep cleaning to ensure the safety of my students and family.  It is not too expensive and easy to secure and store in a jacket pocket, handbag or purse.

It’s been nice to use a product like this.  I don’t like that bleach smell when cleaning surfaces.  I am always scared when I use those types of products, if someone is going to have issues breathing.  It is awesome that I can see where all the germs are at and kill bacteria without using those old under the sink products that are dangerous if swallowed or touches your skin.

How much does Mobile Klean cost?

The price of the Mobile Klean Device currently stands as low as $48 per unit This includes free shipping and a 60 Day Money Back – Satisfaction Guarantee. The Official Mobile Klean website accepts all forms of payment, including PayPal, credit and debit cards. Shipping says it takes between 5-8 business days for US buyers(I got mine in 2 days!), and 5-9 days for European buyers. You can track your order via a link on the website post-purchase.

If just one isn't enough for you, there's the option to bulk-buy batches of the translators. The website offers an increasingly lower price-per-item as the number of items increases. You can also purchase a three-year warranty for an additional $19.00 if you wish.

Who makes it?

Emerging United States company Mobile Klean produced the device and developed purely in USA. Following that, it wasn't long for it to become an international hit. The Mobile Klean UV device is currently the only product endorsed by the brand.

Advantages of Mobile Klean

The easy to hold Mobile Klean is a small mobile device that can fit in your pocket, small drawer or back pack when on the go.  When my family and I visited New York for Christmas vacation we brought two wands with us.  You would be amazed at how many germs we found in our 4 star hotel room.  As soon as we got in the room we “wanded” all the bedding with the UV light and were disgusted. We came to find the bedding was still dirty for us to be comfortable and requested that hotel send up fresh bedding.  We actually showed a house keeper the germs with Mobile Kean and was shocked too.

With anything in regards to cleaning and disinfecting areas it is an everyday process, especially if you are looking to stay a head of the germs.  The manufacture states that Mobile Klean kills 99% of the microorganisms and viruses it comes in contact with.  That’s amazing!  If my school doesn’t buy them for my classroom, I will definitely be a continued buyer.  It is also a great birthday and Christmas gift, especially with germs and viruses being such a concern these days.  I have told all my friends and family about Mobile Klean.  They can’t wait to get their own.  The wand is magical in its ability to get rid of germs.  It has made me a believer!

In summary

Mobile Klean is the best UV sanitizer out there and its the Original the others are all knock offs and cheap(i tried a few thinking i could save money) you get what you pay for and their customer service is second to none.  It has exceeded all my needs and expectations.  I am so glad that I did my research and found this product.  It’s a steal!  You can’t go wrong with buying the Mobile Klean.  It is efficient, safe and affordable.  Everyone should have one or two in their household.

This is a product that is going to revolutionize the sanitizer business.  It is a non-spray product that is not hazardous to the user.  Many times when using sprays in my class and home I'm concerned that if I'm doing more harm than good.  The Mobile Klean takes those fears away and allows you to effectively clean those hard to get and easy surfaces that collects tons of germs.  This is the time to find those best products to keep the ones you care about safe and germ free.

This UV Disinfecting tool designed to be safe to handle without putting you or your skin in danger.  Also, it is easier to handle when doing a deep clean.  My students and colleagues have mentioned that the Mobile Klean is user-friendly.  All of us have hope in this product protecting us from germs, especially with the outbreak of diseases.  I have been very satisfied with the product and look forward to any future upgrades.  It is something that I believe that will change how we sanitize everything around us.  It is a product that I see being a house hold name very soon.


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