How Can I Organize My Craft Room for Cheap?

If you’re into crafts, chances are chaos follows you. It does every single craftsperson I personally know, that’s for sure.

Luckily finding craft room ideas on a budget is pretty easy these days. Pinterest alone is full of beautiful photos of immaculately organized craft rooms – be it drawing, sewing, embroidering, paper craft, etc. You’re bound to find more than a few ideas. And not all of them require a ton of money to bring to life.

However, if you want to be REALLY smart about organizing, consider the material you have on hand – and start building from there.

Organize Craft Room for Cheap

Before You Start Organizing Your Craft Room

Tip #1: Know Your Space

There are many craft room organization ideas on a budget you can find. Here’s the thing though – not all will work for you. Not because of money or time – but simply because they won’t fit the space you’re working with. Some may be designed for a smaller area, some – for much bigger.

Even if you’re lucky enough to have a whole separate room for your craft, do keep in mind that maximizing the space should be your main objective.

It’s always easy to fill up the space dedicated to crafts, especially as time goes on and you’ll finish more projects. So before you start spending money, do make sure whatever organizing tools you choose –won’t cramp the room.

Tip #2: Prioritize Function (While Keeping Style in Mind!)

Maximizing space doesn’t equal keeping it bare (or contained entirely into tiny boxes). You can absolutely beautify the space – just make sure beauty plays a secondary role to function.

Decorate the space without taking away its function – for example, if you put up a pegboard, around 10%-15% of it should go to decorations. Looking at a well-organized pegboard should be satisfying.

Do not, however, use the pegboard primarily as a display tool instead of organizing one. A small flowerpot or two is great! But most of the attachments should hold your craft supplies, not decorations.

Tip #3: Determine Your Budget

What do you mean when you envision craft room ideas on a budget? Budget means different things for everyone. For one person $500 might seem like a reasonable organizing budget, while another might consider spending $100 going overboard.

Determined what your budget is and construct your ideas around the budget.

You may have to nip many beautiful ideas right in the bud, but the idea of budget organization is to be kind to your wallet, first and foremost.

Tip #4: Upcycle!

Loot your own house! Any old and unused furniture, containers, jars, boxes can be used in your craft room on a budget reorganization project.

Even old fabrics and clothes can be used – for decoration if nothing else!

Before going hunting for new items, see what you have and how you can repurpose them.

(And upcycling is not only good for your wallet, it’s good for the environment! So you’ll have an additional reason to pat yourself on the back!)

10 Budget-friendly Ideas for Reorganizing Your Craft Room:

Here are some craft room organization ideas on a budget you should consider before throwing yourself headfirst into designing.

1. Pegboard Wall for the Win!

If I only had to choose one idea from this list, I’d go with installing a pegboard wall. This is because pegboard is basically the poster child of a customizable organization.

While a bare pegboard your dad may have kept in the garage to organize his power tools may not inspire much interest in a craftsperson, it requires only a little investment to bear big results.

You can easily get a pegboard, along with hooks, bins, and locks from Amazon for a perfectly budget-friendly sum – and customize any way, shape, or form you like it. Repaint it to fit the aesthetics of the room, use some of the bins and hooks to attach decorations, make a DIY frame for it using your craft.

Go nuts (and keep all the craft tools in one space!).

2. Use Clear Containers

Using clear containers (jars, bins, boxes, etc.) will make it easier to keep everything organized in the long run.

Keeping things in clear containers will help with knowing where everything is kept, because, well, it will always be in front of your eyes.

(And most clear containers and jars are budget-friendly and can be easily customized to fit the aesthetic using a bit of paint and/or washi tape).

3. Label Stuff

Take a little time to put labels on each container. You can use clear paper, or you can use your craft for a nicer feel.

And it will help with keeping things organized.

4. Thrift a Closet or Cabinet…

Having a separate closet or cabinet dedicated to your craft supplies is always a good idea. If you don’t like the pegboard wall idea – or your craft supplies need more space (say you sew and need somewhere to keep fabrics, or you want to keep the paper for your paper craft in pristine condition, or you just don’t like the pegboard idea unlike me!), getting a closet or cabinet specifically for your craft room could be a great idea!

And if you need a closet or a cabinet, buying it at a thrift store and customizing the look to fit the aesthetic is a much better idea than buying a new one.

5. …and Maximize its Use!

Another argument in favor of thrifting a closet or cabinet? You can customize the inside as well as the outside and not feel guilty about it!

Need drawers? Add drawers. Need shelves? Add shelves. Don’t need any and need rods instead? Go ahead.

Maximize its use any way you need. In fact, you can attach extra shelves, bins, or pantry organizers to the door for smaller objects, while keeping the

6. Spice Rack to Keep Smaller Objects in Order

Get a spice rack set (including jars) for smaller objects like pins, buttons, or charms; paint, or glitter.

It’s a great way to make them look clear and organized while keeping track of where everything is.


Your craft requires you to work at a desk? Invest in a desk with spacious drawers and keep the supplies you need most often under hand.


8. Hang a Rod!

Hang a rod and use hooks to attach bins and/or containers to it. It will keep stuff in line – quite literally.

9. Paint the Walls

You might already have all the organizing tools, cabinets, and containers you need – but simply putting stuff in there may not feel very exciting.

The easiest way to change up the aesthetic of your craft room on a budget and make it seem new and exciting is to repaint the walls while reorganizing the space.

10. When You Can’t DIY – Ask for Help!

Well, we’ve come to the final point. The most budget-friendly way to organize your craft room? Do as much as you can with your own hands. And if there’s something you can’t do – ask around for help.

This goes for everything. Need a piece of furniture? Ask around, maybe a friend of yours has what you need and will let it go for cheap. Need some containers and a bin or two? Maybe your friend has it. Need help painting the walls? Ask a friend.

Never be shy when you need help – just be nice when asking for it.

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