Organizing Hacks – Creative Solutions to Make Your Home Look More Organized, from Ingenious Wire-Hiding Techniques to Tips for Every Room!

It’s possible that the reason so many people believe in the Bermuda Triangle, a spot on the planet where everything and anything that enters it disappears forever, is because our homes sometimes feel mini-Bermuda Triangles (without the sky blue water and sandy beaches, of course)!

It isn’t hard for things to get lost in the clutter when we are living our hectic modern lives. But it sure does add a lot of extra stress to the equation – stress that could be avoided completely if only we were able to get (and stay!) better organized at home.

Well, armed with the inside information below you’re going to learn EXACTLY how to tackle your home organization from here on out. Instantly you’ll be able to notice a real change, not only in how your home looks and how your home feels but you’ll also notice a change in yourself and how you feel.

You’ll be dealing with less pressure, you will be dealing with less stress, and you’ll feel a lot more energized and mentally clear with a home that has a place for everything and everything in its place.

Let’s jump right in!

Bite Off Less Than You Can Chew

The first big piece of the puzzle when tackling any home organization project is avoiding the overwhelming that is so common.

It’s easy to look at your home as a disorganized mess or like a bomb went off but you’re going to feel anything but motivated to tackle this project if you are under the impression that you have to organize EVERYTHING at once.

You’ll find that you are dealing with a lot less stress and pressure to get your home organized when you commit to not just decluttering or organizing one room at a time but only just one corner of a room or part of a space at a time.

This kind of approach makes the entire project feel easy and breezy and before you know it you’ll be motivating yourself to tackle more and more as you go along. Just tell yourself to organize bits and pieces when you’re getting started and allowed the motivation to flow through you to finish off as much as you’re willing to.

As soon as you start to feel overwhelmed, however, hit the brakes and slow things down or stop completely. You can always pick back up and start again on you got more energy. It’s your home, after all!

Get Three Big Boxes before You Tackle Any Decluttering

Throwing things away as a real finality about it that might be stopping you from cleaning and organizing your home without you even realizing it.

Some people just have a harder time letting go of things even if they know (logically) that they don’t need the clutter they have around the house.

An easier way to transition from a cluttered mess to a clean, organized, and efficient home without just having to throw things out willy-nilly is to simply pack up your clutter into a couple of big boxes and put them away in storage. Then you can commit to throwing them a month or three months down the line if you aren’t going back to those boxes and pulling things out on a regular basis.

This gets you out of the emotional space of worrying about throwing things away you might need later and it lets you tackle decluttering your house a lot more dispassionately, even if you’re breaking it into chunks like this.

Take Advantage of Vertical Storage and Organization

Far too many people fall into the trap of trying to store things in totes, boxes, cabinets, and cupboards without even thinking about taking advantage of the most available real estate in their home – their walls!

A couple of pegboards strategically placed throughout your home can open up a world of new storage opportunities that just didn’t exist before. You can also throw up a couple of bookshelves that don’t have to be filled with books, a couple of shelves, and a number of other “hooks and loops” that let you store things off the floor and off the wall to de-clutter your space significantly.

If you take the time to preplanned this kind of vertical storage you can actually get some interesting home decor out of your new organization, too – a real double whammy!

Fall in Love with Labels

Some people find that they aren’t the reason that their home is always cluttered but that other people that may not be quite as conscientious about keeping things neat and tidy are adding to the mess without helping to organize things later down the line.

Worst of all, most of the time these people aren’t even realizing that they are adding a lot of stress and pressure to your life and aren’t even realizing that they are cluttering things up in the first place through no fault of their own.

Labels let you delineate certain spaces for certain things but also help people get into the routine of putting things back where they found that, putting things back where they belong.

A label maker and a handful of label supplies might set you back $40 or so but it’s going to be one of the savviest investments you make in keeping things neat and tidy about your house as long as you take the time to label as much as possible.

Even if you only go so far as labeling your cupboards or your pantry so that everything is exactly where it should be when you bring groceries home and when you go to cook you’ll find your life feels a lot less cluttered.

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself labeling a lot more than the pantry, though. There’s something almost addictive about organizing your life with a label and getting people on board the system, too.

Speaking of systems…

Get Into the Routine of Putting Things Away Immediately

People that lose their wallets all the time learn pretty quickly that they have to come up with a simple and straightforward routine that has put their wallets in the same place EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. or they aren’t going to be able to find it when they need it in the future.

If you’re feeling like the clutter in the mess in your home is just piling up and like you’re never going to be able to cut through all of the confusion it’s a good idea to start small with a couple of routines that get everybody on board at putting things back immediately after they use things.

You can also come up with a couple of “weekday routines” where one particular area of clutter in your home is tackled and cleaned up by all hands on deck. Maybe you have a “Paper Shuffling Wednesday” where any pieces of mail, magazines, books, or other pieces of paper that are just kind of laying about the place get picked up, thrown away or recycled, or put away for storage on a weekly basis so that you don’t ever have to worry about things building and building over time.


Three major areas in your home are going to get the overwhelming majority of users on a day to day basis and these are the spaces you want to tackle with your decluttering efforts ASAP.

Decluttering efforts in your bathroom, your bedroom, and kitchen is going to do the most “heavy lifting” when it comes to helping you feel like you are living in a nicely organized home.

Bathrooms especially can feel cluttered in a hurry, particularly because they are usually some of the smaller spaces in our home and are just jampacked with all kinds of “stuff”. Intelligent bathroom storage solutions (like storage bins attached inside the doors of closets in the bathroom, for example) can immediately extend your bathroom storage without you feeling like you are adding even more “stuff” to a smaller space.

Vertical storage is a big piece of the puzzle in bathrooms, too. The more you can use your walls and limit gobbling up your floor space in these tight spots the more open your bathroom will feel. Even just a little bit of breathing room can open things up a lot.


Your bedroom should be as devoid of clutter as humanly possible. This is your inner sanctuary, the place you're going to come every night to rest, and it should feel comfortable and stress free.

Get rid of anything – ANYTHING – that is stressing you out in the bedroom right away. Move things into the closest, clean off side tables, and go with minimalist lighting options – the works. As soon as your right the ship in the bedroom you’ll feel like a weight has lifted off your shoulders.


Tackling clutter in the kitchen can be tough because of how communal it is.

Start with the big areas (countertops especially) and then start digging into shelves, cupboards, and pantries. Take advantage of smart shelving solutions to eliminate clutter spice racks, keep your pots and pans in intelligent spots with smart organization, and make sure that everything has a flow built around cooking and entertaining and you’ll be good to go!

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