The Pros and Cons of Fitting a DIY Kitchen

Despite the alleged disadvantages, fitting a DIY-Kitchen is a relatively simple and straightforward process. The installation process is usually limited to levelling the floor and placing the end panels and boards. However, if you are not confident with DIY-Kitchen fitting, you can always hire a professional to fit the kitchen for you. This article will discuss the pros and cons of fitting your DIY-Kitchen yourself.


While DIY renovations may be fun, you'll need to consider the downsides of these projects. Although small-scale projects don't often involve electrical work, improperly finished jobs can compromise the health of your household. This could result in electrocution or fire. Here are some disadvantages of DIY kitchen renovations. But don't let these deter you! These projects can be done in phases! Here are some helpful tips to avoid the worst mistakes you might make while renovating your kitchen.


If you are looking for a high-quality DIY kitchen that is cheap enough for you to install yourself, you've come to the right place. DIY kitchens can be found online from companies like Second Nature, Burbidge, and Kitchen Stori/Uform. They offer affordable DIY kitchens at trade prices, and many of them can even save you thousands of pounds when compared to high-street prices. But how do you find a high-quality kitchen?


The price of DIY Kitchens can vary a lot. In 2015, we presented a list of plans for kitchens to our competitors and asked them how much each plan would cost. After we had collected quotes from three different companies, we decided to compare their prices. We compared two of them: Wren and DIY Kitchens. While Wren is still a discount retailer, it doesn't mean that their prices aren't competitive.

Installation service

Considering DIY Kitchens? There are a few pros and cons to consider before making the leap to DIY kitchens. First, the showroom can only accommodate a few customers at a time. Secondly, the company does not provide installation services, so you will need to find an installer or fit the kitchen yourself. Lastly, DIY Kitchens sell large kitchen appliances from a variety of brands, but they do not sell wall tiles or kitchen flooring.

While you can choose to install your DIY kitchen yourself, it can be difficult to get the exact measurements and angles right. Although the cabinet assembly process is fairly straightforward, some tasks, such as mitring and attaching cornices, are tricky. Proper measuring and cutting can prevent you from wasting materials and causing further damage. If you hire an installation service, you will also avoid having to buy new kitchen cupboards and drawers based on faulty measurements, which will cost you a fortune.

Range of products

When comparing prices of DIY Kitchens, you may notice that the doors are cheaper than the worktops and units, but the price of the other components varies wildly. This is to be expected because these components will vary in price as well. However, if you choose DIY Kitchens to supply your kitchen, you will have a huge range to choose from. There are many advantages to DIY Kitchens, including a range of discount kitchens, as well as high-quality products and services.

DIY kitchens can save you a lot of money compared to the professionals, and you can achieve a designer-look at a cheaper price. If you've ever wanted to give your kitchen a designer-like look at home, but couldn't afford to hire a professional designer, DIY might be the right option for you. A DIY kitchen is also great for flipping projects and investment properties since it is less expensive to build than a professionally installed one.

DIY Kitchens has a vast range of kitchens, including painted, handleless and in-frame kitchens. The company sources the highest-quality kitchen doors and decorative accessories from leading manufacturers in Europe. Their suppliers are based in Germany and Italy. DIY Kitchens has more than 3,000 items on offer, so you can choose the one that's perfect for your needs. Buying online can also save you money on shipping and delivery costs.

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