Earthquake Kit – Everything You Need to Assemble Your Own Quick Survival Kit

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Every day, we learn more about how the world is changing and shifting. It might be headlines due to climate change, or the fact that there is a new natural disaster that is constantly affecting all sorts of countries, whether it’s a tornado in Oklahoma, a tsunami in Asia, a flood in Africa, or otherwise.

More and more, we also notice that there are earthquakes occurring, as well. There are many theories as to why this is occurring.

There are actually about 20,000 earthquakes each year, which means that over 50 are happening every day.

We do know that we have some idea of where earthquakes are going to happen, without knowing when, which obviously makes all the difference. There are millions who live in California that probably think about earthquakes or have a strategy with regards to earthquakes, since so many do happen there – but how prepared can one totally be?

It’s only natural that we want to live our lives the way that we have always lived them, and that thinking about the possibility of an earthquake every day isn’t realistic or rational. Either way, one thing is for sure: preparation is a must, and every family should have some kind of plan with regards to earthquakes.

Here are some must-have tools that you would want in your earthquake kit, no matter who or where you are.


It’s hard to argue that there is anything more important to a human being than water. After all, our bodies are made out of around 60% water. It’s hard to deny how important water is, as it is essential for everything from body temperature and cell growth. In fact, there are many people who believe that human beings cannot even last a week without water, and that is more realistic that a human can last about 100 hours without water, assuming that they are outside in average temperatures.

This is the most important tool in your survival kit.

Believe it or not, humans can actually survive several weeks without food. Of course, this isn’t recommended or ideal, but it is possible. If you have a survival kit, make sure to include as much water as possible. The ideal amount of water to include is one gallon of water per day, as it will help not only with thirst, but also with sanitation (bathing, etc) if necessary.


Of course, the second most important tool in your survival kit is obviously food. While food isn’t as important as water, nutrients still need to be absorbed if an earthquake hits. There are many that might suggest that three days of non-perishable food is enough for an earthquake kit, but the truth is that you might want to have a week’s case of non-perishable food just in case. Of course, an earthquake is a time to ration out food as much as possible, to make sure that you can survive the situation.

Another thing to consider is that you might want to make sure that you have proper utensils, as well. If you have canned food – you obviously need a canned opener in your earthquake kit! In addition, consider whether you need to make sure that plates, cups, and other utensils are included.

First Aid Kit

It’s hard to justify having a survival kit without a first aid kit. We all know that earthquakes can be dangerous, and can lead to serious injuries, and perhaps even death. If you are with family and someone has a serious injury, a first aid kit can be crucial to making sure that the injury is taken care of, and that their health is not completely compromised.

Adhesive bandages can ensure that cuts and bruises aren’t infected, which can definitely help in terms of overall pain and discomfort during an earthquake, for example. Antiseptic wipe packets and antibiotics can also help with regards to overall sanitation and health, as well. Earthquakes might also cause objects to pierce through the skin, and tweezers certainly come in handy, as will gauze pads, compress dressings, and more. Other common items in a first aid kit are scissors and latex gloves. A blanket can also help with regards to laying someone down, and dealing with their injury, as well. It’s also essential to make sure that your first aid kit is sterile and up to date, which is extremely important, and something that many people might forget about.


An earthquake can be devastating, and it can not only destroy walls and structures in your homes, but also can lead to power lines falling down, which lead to the loss of electricity. If your family has no electricity, this can obviously affect lighting, and awareness of surroundings. That’s why a flashlight can be so essential, as your family can actually illuminate the things around them, which can lead to avoiding obstacles and falling over thanks to a structure that they didn’t see, which could lead to injury or even death.

If the situation ever gets extremely dire, a flashlight can also even be used as a weapon or to blind an attacker, if an earthquake leads to criminals believing that they can use the opportunity to come inside your home. Another way a flashlight can be used in an extreme situation is as an SOS symbol, for those who cannot move in the wake of an earthquake, for example, because of their injuries, or their inability to move out of a certain area.

There are many flashlight apps on smartphones, as well, for those who prefer to use a flashlight in that way. That brings us to our next essential:

Cell Phones

Even if cellular service isn’t available, one should always be near a cell phone no matter what, and being able to contact emergency services can change the entire situation for your or your family, as many can attest to the fact that a timely phone call to law enforcement has saved their life. This also means that you must constantly have chargers, as well, because no one wants to have a cell phone that could potentially save their life, that isn’t charged. Often times, cell phones can actually contact emergency services even without getting actual service.

An individual can also google basic first aid, or figure out the answers to complex questions, thanks to the Internet. You can even google certain survival tips, or find out what plants to eat, if you run out of food. It’s hard to deny the power of a cell phone, because it has access to the Internet, which is a source of endless information. Cell phones can also help in terms of GPS and locating family members, for those who share location, as well.


There might be a situation where you don’t have as access to your identification or credit cards as a result of a natural disaster. While you should do everything you can to retrieve these materials or contact the proper companies to make sure that you can survive – cash can definitely prove useful.

We all know that cash is convenient because it is a way to purchase supplies and food with no questions asked. Even if your family lost all their IDs and credit cards, if you have an emergency cash reserve that you somehow have access to – your family might be able to stay at a local motel, and eat food, just based on the fact that you have cash. For some, traveler’s checks might be a better option. Of course, if you have a family or friend that is willing to lend you the cash, that can work, as well, but the truth is that cash can definitely help in terms of overall survival.


You should try to have as much documentation as possible in a waterproof container. This can help TREMENDOUSLY, because life can definitely go a lot easier if you have financial and identification records photocopied and preserved. The waterproof container can definitely help to make sure that the records are intact (pro tip: while you have a waterproof container, make sure to throw some matches in there, just in case). It’s also important to remember insurance documents! This might help expedite the overall process of dealing with the aftermath of an earthquake.

It’s hard to plan for an earthquake, and it can certainly devastate your family in all ways: personally, professionally, and emotionally. However, the first focus should be survival, which is why food and water is essential to making sure that you will be alive and healthy for as long as you can. It’s also important to remember that you might want to keep these earthquake kits in every place possible: your home, work, AND your vehicle. Earthquakes can be much more unexpected than other natural disasters, which is why extra preparation is necessary. While you might not be able to plan for an earthquake, you can certainly dictate the way that you respond. That’s why an earthquake kit can literally mean the difference between life and death.

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