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Shine Armor Review Fortify Quick Coat, Pros, and Cons


Shine Armor Review

Shine Armor Fortify Quick Coat is a three-in-one clean, shine and sealant product that is used to deeply clean, gloss and protect the surface of motor vehicles. The formula is advertised as being designed to last, with high durability and strength. Numerous similar products exist on the market, but the Shine Armor Fortify Quick Coat has proven to be one of the best available today. This review will focus on how the product works, who it it for, and any pros and cons worth noting.

About the company

Shine Armor is a car detailing company that realized the inconvenience of having to visit a car service shop for certain vehicle maintenance, and created a lab-tested product, Fortify Quick Coat, to allow vehicle enthusiasts to clean, and add shine and protection to, the surface of their car.

The US based company understands that vehicle maintenance can be inconvenient and costly, and the Fortify Quick Coat aims to offer an affordable, enjoyable solution that is suitable for all vehicle owners. It's reassuring to know that Shine Armor offer a 100% money back guarantee to anyone who isn't satisfied with their product- which you could also say suggests a confidence in the product performing how it says it should do.

What is Shine Armor Fortify Quick Coat?

Looking more specifically at the product and what it does, Fortify Quick Coat has been researched, tested and constructed in a laboratory environment, enabling it to achieve the best results when used by a customer. It is used on cars and other motor vehicles to clean, add shine, and protect the paint surface. Fortify Quick Coat is a DIY product that does not require a mechanic to use- anyone who owns a car can use it themselves with ease.

How much does Shine Armor Fortify Quick Coat cost?

The price of Fortify Quick Coat varies depending on which deal you select on the website's shopping page. You are given the option to buy multiple products in a bundle, and the bigger the bundle, the cheaper the individual cost of each product included. PayPal can be used via the site for secure payment, should you wish to do so.

How do you use Shine Armor Fortify Quick Coat?

Fortify Quick Coat has been designed for easy use by everyone. The process of application is simple, with no mixing or adding of extra formulas, such as water, required. The bottle has a built-in spray nozzle, which you can use to spray the product onto the surface of a vehicle, making sure to cover evenly.

Shine Armor Review

Next, take a microfiber cloth and spritz it with some more of the formula. Use the towel to gently rub across the surface of the vehicle, blending the formula and covering the entire desired area. Switch to another microfiber towel, this one clean and dry, and use it to buff the surface, removing any of the product that may still remain.

Fortify Quick Coat is safe for all surfaces, including paint, glass, chrome and plastic, so there is no need to limit use for only the body of the car- windows and some interiors may also benefit from the product. No water is required for wiping off the formula, making it more eco-friendly than other existing products on the market.

How does Shine Armor Fortify Quick Coat work?

Although there is no available information about the exact process of how Fortify Quick Coat works, it is cited as including a combination of silica and ceramic paint sealant that helps to prevent vehicles from streaking and scratching, and boosting surface shine in the way that a wax or polish would. Scientific studies have proven that SiO₂ works as an effective ceramic coating, making it ideal for use on vehicle surfaces.

What is in the package?

If you choose to purchase a single Shine Armor Fortify Quick Coat, you will receive a package containing an eight ounce bottle, along with instructions of how to use. It is advertised that a single bottle of this size should last for up to a month, although this is slightly misleading- it would be better to say that it can be used for one application, two at a push.

Although a single coating is supposed to last up to six months, Shine Armor recommends re-applying monthly for the best effect. This should be taken with a pinch of salt- it may be best to apply the product as and when you feel it is necessary. Applying the product when you are already satisfied with its level of surface shine and protection may just be a waste of money, so it is advisable to work off your own opinions when it comes to a touch-up.



Too many waxes and polishes don't last for anything longer than a couple of weeks, but Fortify Quick Coat is effective for up to six months after application. It is advised that after a month, you reapply the product, but even this gives a solid window of time for a vehicle to look at its best before a re-application.

-No need to visit a car service shop

While we might all wish we had the time and money to take our vehicles for a professional clean and polish at a car service shop, the reality is that most of us don't. Finding an at-home solution- that actually works- is key, and when it comes to it, Fortify Quick Coat ticks all the boxes.

Car service shop visits can be fairly costly because as well as paying for the application of one or several products, you're also paying for another person to apply the products for you. It could easily be argued that a mechanic could do a more professional job than the average man or woman, but at-home solutions like Fortify Quick Coat are designed to be used successfully by anyone.

-No need to wash the vehicle before application

People can sometimes be put off waxing their vehicle simply because of the fuss of having to wash it first, but Fortify Quick Coat enables you to entirely take out this process because the product itself is an effective cleaning agent, cleaning, protecting and adding shine to a vehicle all in one go. This saves a certain amount of fuss, and is more eco-friendly than other similar options.


-Costly for bottle size

While in general, the users of Fortify Quick Coat would say that the product is entirely worth it's money, it can seem like a costly choice for a first-time buyer. Because the bottle sizes are only eight ounces, they do not usually last for multiple applications, meaning a new product must be purchased almost every time your vehicle could do with another touch-up. UPDATE from comments: “I have used this for about a year now and one bottle last about 3 washing’s if used properly. Great product” – Mike Palmere 

However, it's worth remembering that Fortify Quick Coat is designed to last for up two six months, which means that although it is advised to apply the product once a month for maintenance, this may not be necessary. When you consider that one bottle's worth can last up to six months, it seems like a more reasonable deal.


-Time-consuming to apply

Some waxes and polishers can be coated onto to a wet vehicle and washed off, but the Shine Armor Fortify Quick Coat should be applied to a dry vehicle with one cloth, and then immediately wiped off with another. This means that the product should be applied bit-by-bit, therefore slowing down the process and preventing a quick all-over application and removal.

If you're a car enthusiast who likes nothing better than standing around for a couple of hours, polishing away, the Fortify Quick Coat is perfect for you. But if you're after a quick job, it's worth considering that you have to be fairly meticulous when applying this product, and rushing it may not ensure the most effective results.

-Spray pump slightly difficult to handle

Because of the size of the bottle, the spray pump on the Fortify Quick Coat can be a little difficult to use. It's quite hard to use multiple fingers to pump the trigger, as it is fairly small in scale. While this shouldn't be an issue for most people, if you have larger hands, you may find it frustrating to work with a bottle so small.

Final thoughts

In all, the Shine Armor Fortify Quick Coat is certainly an impressive, effective product that produces visible results. Easy to apply and ideal for those looking for a lower-cost alternative to a car service shop visit- just make sure you are aware of the bottle size, and that it contains only eight ounces of the formula, as this seems to have caught several customers out in the past.

Written by JustDIY


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    • Thanks for the update mike, we updated our cons section and added your comment so hopefully readers will be able to have a better idea of how long it will last them.

  1. I have an SUV x-trail 4×4, and while applying this on a prewashed car I still used 1/2 a bottle. So, though the results are good and the fact it cleans the plastic surfaces too, in my case at $9 per clean it isn’t cheap . Based on their amazing sales volume you would think they could lower prices a little bit without buying in bulk. Retirees like me don’t have money to throw around.

  2. I just installed a new acricilic shower in my home . I want if it’s ok to use shine armor
    On it?

  3. Do you have to remove the wax that is already on the car before using Armor Shine?
    Can you please reply by email

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