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How to Prepare a Vanilla Mug Cake in a Microwave

cake in a mug. Vanilla dessert cooked in the microwave. cake mug.

A mug cake is a delicious way to serve a piece of cake without spending a lot of time in the kitchen. In fact, you can bake a mug cake in the oven for about six to eight minutes, depending on the size of your dish. In a microwave, this cake takes about 60 seconds. Once cooked, you can add toppings of your choice. For a healthier option, you can substitute oatmeal for the buttermilk in the recipe.

The perfect dessert for a hot summer day is a creamy vanilla mug cake. You can double the recipe to serve two or three people. Use a large coffee mug to avoid the cake bubbling over while cooking. Use pure vanilla extract to achieve the best taste and texture. Sprinkle the mug cake with chocolate chips if desired. Although this recipe does not require baking, it is best to avoid doing so because the cake may not rise or may not have enough flavor if the baking powder is expired.

This cake only takes a few minutes to prepare and bake. It's airy and moist, making it an excellent afternoon snack or evening dessert. This recipe can be modified to taste by adding various mix-ins. Instead of vanilla extract, you can add dark chocolate chips or peanut butter to the center. For a more extravagant treat, you can add a slice of chocolate to each mug. The possibilities are endless.

To make this simple cake, you only need seven ingredients. This recipe makes one mug cake, but it can easily be multiplied to serve a family of four. The dry ingredients must be mixed together first in a small bowl or microwave-safe mug. Once combined, stir until evenly moistened and then place in the microwave. Cook for 60 to 90 seconds. You can decorate the mug cake with sprinkles or other icing.

Another difference between this cake and other types of cakes is the amount of milk. If you prefer a vegan version, you can skip the eggs and replace them with oil or vegan butter. If you're not vegan, you can also replace the eggs with an additional tablespoon of milk. But if you're using a vegan butter or oil, you can still use the same amount of sugar. Make sure to use a non-dairy icing.
Cooking time

The cooking time for Vanilla Mug Cake is relatively short. It should be ready in about 2 to 3 minutes, but the exact time will vary. The cake will be still slightly warm when removed from the microwave. The finished cake will be moist and fluffy, with a sweet vanilla flavor. The cake can be customized with mix-ins like dark chocolate chips or peanut butter. It is best to check the cooking time early, as the cake will continue to cook as it cools.

To prepare the best vanilla mug cake, you should have a large egg yolk. The yolk makes the cake moist, tender and springy. You can replace it with an extra tablespoon of milk. If you don't want to use an egg yolk, you can substitute it with one of the following options:

For a quick treat, you can microwave the cake for about 60 seconds on high power. The mug cake should look cooked when it springs back to touch and is still fairly moist. If you are concerned about overcooking the cake, you can set a timer for about 45 seconds. After that, you should check if the cake is done, or if it still looks wet and gooey.

A delicious and easy dessert for one or two people, a mug cake takes only 5 minutes to prepare. It can be prepared in a microwave and tastes just like the real thing. The only difference is that it's a single-serving cake, meaning that it can be served with ice cream. As a bonus, the mug cake is also suitable for children. It's perfect for busy parents or anyone with a sweet tooth.

Microwave safety

If you are wondering whether the Vanilla Mug Cake is safe to microwave, there are several options for you to consider. You can make it in an oven-safe mug or microwave it in a microwave for about 60 seconds at high power. The cooking time may vary depending on the size of the dish. Make sure to stir the batter until it is smooth and well combined. After the cake has finished cooking, top it with ice cream and sprinkles, if desired.

If you would like to make your cake without using butter, you can also use butter-flavored Crisco or margarine. If you are using a salty margarine, you will want to omit it from the recipe. Another option is to substitute baking powder for the baking soda. In this case, the result will be a denser cake. But if you are looking for a healthier version, use whole wheat flour.

As with any recipe, make sure to check the microwave's power level and adjust accordingly. The microwave is not meant to handle small batches, so the baking time should be about 45 seconds on high. For first-time mug-cake cooks, it is best to place a plate under the mug to prevent it from being damaged. It may even burn your hands. However, the cake will be safe when served warm.

Once you've checked the microwave's power, you're ready to begin baking. A vanilla mug cake should be done after two to three minutes of cooking. Check it by touching it with your finger. The cake should be slightly gooey. When done, remove it from the microwave and allow it to cool completely before serving. It's okay to save the leftovers for another day. You can always make the cake later and store it in the fridge.


This oats-based mug cake recipe can be prepared with two methods: in the microwave or in an oven. The microwave method takes approximately one and a half to two minutes to complete the entire baking process. While baking in an oven, the time may vary, but generally, the cake should be done within 15 to 20 minutes. To ensure that it bakes evenly, a toothpick inserted in the middle should come out clean.

To make this recipe healthier, I used oat flour, which is naturally gluten-free and packed with fiber. I used cashew butter, which is considered a healthier alternative than other nut butters. If you can't find cashew butter, you can also use coconut or maple syrup. Using vanilla extract adds a classic vanilla flavor. However, you can also use oat flour, if you'd prefer a healthier version.

To make the Oatmeal Vanilla Mug Cake, add an egg to the batter. This will give the mug cake a more airy texture. The vanilla extract will lend a naturally sweet aroma to the cake. The only other requirement is to use a high-power microwave (800W). If you don't have a high-powered microwave, increase the baking time in 20-second bursts.

Another tip for making Oatmeal Vanilla Mug Cake is to make sure that the batter is well-mixed. Overmixing will result in a cake with a chewy texture. To ensure that the cake is fully mixed, stir the batter until there are no dry bits in the middle. The cake should be hot when removed from the microwave. To avoid a dry cake, make sure to use a thermometer when measuring the ingredients.

Vanilla extract

When you make vanilla mug cake, you will use a large egg yolk to make the batter moist, tender, and springy. While the egg yolk will bake in the microwave, it is optional. If you prefer, you can substitute one tablespoon of milk for the egg yolk. Regardless of your preference, you will surely love this delicious treat! Adding an extra tablespoon of milk can make your mug cake more interesting.

After mixing all the ingredients, you can use an electric mixer or a fork to make the frosting. Add powdered sugar a little at a time until the frosting reaches the desired sweetness. You can also add milk to achieve the right consistency. Once it is done, drizzle it on the mug cake. You can serve it warm or cold. You can also add sprinkles to it before serving. But be careful not to overcook your mug cake.

You can also use your own homemade vanilla extract in the recipe. It is best to use granulated white sugar as this is the most suitable for this recipe. Do not use sugar substitutes as this may affect the flavor. You also need baking powder to leaven the cake and make it rise. You can skip the salt if you prefer. Whole milk has the highest fat content and will provide the greatest amount of moisture. Alternatively, you can use vanilla paste.

Make a delicious and simple dessert in less than 5 minutes. This one-minute dessert is quick and easy to prepare, so you can serve it anytime you want. Plus, you don't have to worry about washing up the mess. And it is perfect for kids with a sweet tooth! Enjoy this decadent dessert without the fuss! You will be happy you made it! It's easy to prepare and tastes as good as a bakery-bought cake!

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