How to Make Bacon Wrapped Tater Tots

To make this dish, you should mix brown sugar with cayenne powder. Next, cut a piece of bacon into four and wrap it around a tater tot. Bake the wrapped tater tots for twenty to twenty-five minutes, flipping them halfway through. To keep the bacon-wrapped tater tots in a refrigerator, store them in an airtight container. To reheat, bake them at 350degF for about ten minutes.

You can turn a boring dinner into a delicious one with a spicy twist using this bacon-wrapped tater tots recipe. The tater tots need to be fully soaked in the Tabasco sauce to make them tasty. Slice a pound of bacon into half and spread it over a baking sheet. Next, spread cheese on top. Wrap the bacon around the tater tot. Bake the bacon-wrapped tater tots until they are crispy. Serve hot or cold.

This dish is the perfect party food for a scavenger hunt or a family get-together. Its bacon-wrapped tots are served with a spicy maple glaze, which makes them irresistible. If you have a party coming up or just want a new snack, make sure you prepare these bacon-wrapped tater tots. They will go quickly! If you have guests over, you can serve them with a side of sour cream and chives.

For a holiday party, serve bacon-wrapped tater tots as appetizers. This simple appetizer can be baked in a flash and can be served at any time. Guests can dip them in their favorite sauces or simply enjoy them on their own. It's also a great option for a Super Bowl party or a family gathering. You can also serve bacon-wrapped tater tots as part of a finger food spread.

Once rolled in bacon, place the tater tots on a baking sheet. Brush them with barbecue sauce. Bake the bacon-wrapped tater tots for twenty to twenty-five minutes. They should be crispy and have a smoky flavor. After they're done, you can serve them hot or cold. Then, serve them with a side of hot barbecue sauce.

Time to make

When it comes to a classic appetizer, nothing beats a plate of bacon-wrapped tater tots. Whether you're having a barbecue party or hosting a dinner party, these appetizers will make everyone happy. With sour cream and chive dipping sauce, these appetizers are sure to disappear! Here are some simple instructions to make them.

Start by dipping the tater tots in TABASCO Sauce. Place them on a baking sheet. Next, cut one pound of bacon into quarters. Fold half of the bacon into thirds. Place one tater tot on the cheese, fold the bacon in half and wrap the other half of the bacon around it. Bake for 20 to 25 minutes. When the bacon is crisp, you can serve these appetizers with a spicy dipping sauce.

Once the tater tots are fully cooked, wrap the bacon around them. Use thick-cut bacon, as any good brand will work. Then, brush the tops with homemade barbecue sauce. Let them bake until golden brown, and serve hot. Bacon-wrapped tater tots make the perfect finger food for parties, or a simple snack on their own. They make the perfect appetizer to serve with beer!

To make bacon-wrapped tater tots, bake the taters at 400 degrees for about twenty minutes. You can also wrap them in bacon and place them on a wire rack. Then, roll them in brown sugar and bake them for another 10 minutes. Afterward, serve them hot and in a plate covered with paper towels. If you're planning on serving them as a snack, serve them with maple syrup-glazed bacon-wrapped tater tots.

Beers that pair well with them

There are plenty of beer options to pair with your bacon-wrapped tater tots, including pale ales and IPAs. However, be sure to choose one that has a lower IBU (International Bittering Unit) level. A beer with a high IBU may be too bitter, so choose a beer with a low IBU level. Bacon-wrapped tater tots are an excellent appetizer and make for easy finger foods.

For those looking for a classic pairing, a Helles lager is a great choice. You can also find this delicious beer in Canandaigua, New York. Alternatively, a light lager, such as the Genesee Brewing Company's Light, Regular, or Cream Ale, will pair nicely with your tater tots. Another great option would be Bock, the seasonal brew from Genny, which is perfect with bacon-wrapped tots.

While the tots are cooking, prepare the cheese sauce. In a saucepan, heat the butter, garlic, and flour. Saute for a minute. Whisk in the beer. Add the salt, cayenne pepper, paprika, and beer. Whisk until smooth and creamy. Ensure that the cheese sauce is melted before serving. Then, serve with beer or other accompaniments to compliment the flavors of your bacon-wrapped tater tots.

After the tots are cooked, serve them with a sour cream dip. You can also sprinkle some brown sugar on the tots near the end of the cooking process. It gives a sweeter flavor. A small slice of jalapeno also gives them a spicy kick, which is perfectly controlled. While I found one slice of jalapeno to have a moderate heat level, it worked well with the sugar and a cool dipping sauce.


Serve these bacon-wrapped tater tots at a party. They go well with sour cream and chive dipping sauce. These tasty appetizers will disappear quickly. You can also serve them as finger foods. If you're entertaining at home, make extra bacon-wrapped tater tots. They make great party fare. Make sure to double the recipe! Listed below are some tips on how to make bacon-wrapped tater tots.

Light beer will go well with bacon-wrapped tater tots. Pale Ales or IPAs work best with this snack. You'll want to find a beer with an IBU level of 60 or lower. Pairing bacon-wrapped tater tots with beer will make the entire meal more enjoyable. To make these tasty appetizers, simply place the tots on a baking sheet. Then, brush them with a spicy maple glaze.

When making this appetizer, make sure the bacon is crispy. You can also mix brown sugar with cayenne powder. Once your bacon is crispy, you can place it on the rack of the prepared baking sheet. Bake the tater tots for 20-25 minutes at 400degF, flipping them over halfway through cooking. After cooking, place them in an airtight container and refrigerate them. They can also be reheated by baking at 350degF for about 10 minutes.

If you're hosting a party, make these savory snacks. They're guaranteed to be a hit. The best-kept party secret, these tater tots will make your next get-together a hit. They'll be golden brown and perfectly cooked! The bacon has the perfect balance of sweetness and spiciness, making them a fun snack for the whole family.

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