Storage Shelving with Baskets – Perfect Solutions for Storing Toys, Craft Supplies, Clothes, and More, Even Under Your Bed!

A well-organized home not only looks aesthetically pleasing but also makes everyday life easier and more efficient. A significant part of this organization involves storage solutions, and there's no better way to maintain tidiness than with storage shelving with baskets. Whether you want to organize your kid's overflowing toy collection, arrange your craft supplies, declutter your wardrobe, or utilize the space under your bed efficiently, storage shelving with baskets provides a comprehensive solution for all.

Why Baskets Are Perfect Storage Solutions?

Basket storage is not new – your mom and your grandma probably had boxes all over the house holding miscellaneous things. But the basket storage system has been taken to a new level in recent years and it is only growing in popularity.

Benefits of Storage Shelving with Baskets


One of the main benefits of storage shelving with baskets is their versatility. They come in various shapes, sizes, colors, and designs, providing multiple choices to suit your personal taste and fit into any room's decor.


Storage shelving with baskets are particularly beneficial in homes with limited space. They utilize vertical space efficiently, providing you with additional room to store items without taking up precious floor space.


Baskets on shelving units ensure everything is in sight and within reach, enhancing accessibility. This makes them a perfect choice for kids' rooms, craft rooms, or any other area where you frequently need items.

Storage Shelving with Baskets

Different Types Of Baskets You Can Use

Okay, so now that you know more about basket containers and storage options, it’s time to learn a bit more about the type of baskets you can get. It’s not just one option, there are many and in this list, you could find something that will perfectly fit your home:

Baskets – There are so many shapes and sizes of baskets that you will have a wide variety to choose from. They can also be used in various spaces of your home.

Fabric bins – These come in a wide variety of colors and they are the best for small areas where things often get cluttered. You can add a bookplate so that you can label them and stay organized.

Plastic or acrylic drawers – These items are great because they can actually help you organize your stuff without having to unstack it again once you need something. And if you don’t like them as drawers, just pull them out of the frame and put under the bed or in your closet.

Plastic or acrylic pantry bins – These are stackable and they are really simple to use. You can organize just about anything with them.

Acrylic storage bins – These are easy to see through and grab what you need. You can also use them to stack things or label them if you like it. They are also great for narrow but deep drawers.

Plastic storage tubs – These are great for larger items and for long term storage needs. You know, the things like ornaments or something similar that only gets used once or twice a year.

Trash bins – This may sound a bit strange, but these are great for all of the long and narrow items that you have in your home.

Y-weave plastic bins – These bins look great and come in all shapes and sizes. You can use them anywhere in your home.

Shoe boxes – Another strange item on the list but still worth a mention. The thing with shoe boxes is that they are free and that they look great once you wrap them in the gift-wrapping paper..

Basket Storage in The Bathroom

Bathrooms can often feel cramped, especially when they're short on cabinet space. If you find yourself longing for a more spacious and organized bathroom environment, the solution might be simpler than you think. Basket storage systems, as well as drawer bins, can dramatically transform your bathroom's storage capacity and overall aesthetic.

  1. Towel Storage with BasketsNo more fumbling with stacked towels on a precarious shelf! Choose a basket that harmonizes with your bathroom's decor, and use it as a dedicated towel storage unit. Rather than folding towels in the traditional way, roll them up before placing them in the basket. This method not only helps the towels fit more comfortably in the basket, but it also gives your bathroom a relaxed, spa-like vibe.
  2. Toilet Paper StorageTransform your essential but mundane toilet paper into a delightful visual element in your bathroom with the help of baskets. You can find myriad creative ideas online that demonstrate how to decorate and organize toilet paper in baskets, making it a functional and stylish addition to your bathroom.
  3. Making the Most of Limited SpacesOften, bathrooms with small footprints suffer from ‘under the counter' syndrome, where essential items are strewn across any available surface. This is where baskets can revolutionize your bathroom organization. Baskets, particularly those with some height, can hold a multitude of items and can fit snugly in spaces that would otherwise go unused, such as under counters.
  4. Plastic Drawer SystemsAside from baskets, plastic drawer systems are another versatile storage solution perfect for bathrooms. Not only do these drawer systems provide abundant storage space, but they also offer a clean and polished look that can easily blend with various bathroom styles. Depending on your needs, these drawers can house everything from toiletries and cleaning supplies to spare towels and bath products.

Basket Storage in The Living Room

Your living room is probably where you spend the majority of your time. So, in a way, it makes sense that most of your stuff is laying around there. This is where the real mess accumulates.

If you have kids, then the mess gets even bigger. They will bring their toys to the living room whether you mean for them to or not. No matter how much mess this creates, it also creates a ton of great memories.

However, it gets pretty annoying when you want to have guests or if you just want your living room to look nice for a change.

Here are some of the things that you could do:

Bathrooms can often feel cramped, especially when they're short on cabinet space. If you find yourself longing for a more spacious and organized bathroom environment, the solution might be simpler than you think. Basket storage systems, as well as drawer bins, can dramatically transform your bathroom's storage capacity and overall aesthetic.

  1. Store blankets and pillows:The winter gets cold and it’s the time of the year when you really just want to cuddle up under a blanket and enjoy. However, storing all of those blankets and pillows can turn into a nightmare because your sofa gets too crowded. This is where a basket comes into play and it’s the perfect solution.
  2. Store books and magazines: Not too many people have chairs with built-in libraries or even their own book nook. So, it makes sense to improvise and baskets give you that extra flair. Fill them with your favorite reads and enjoy.
  3. Store firewood: In case you have a fireplace, storing wood can be a nightmarish mess. However, when you have a cute basket to put it into, you’ll have no problems with that.
  4. Store toys: As mentioned, your children’s toys will migrate to your living room sooner than you think. Store them in soft, pretty baskets instead of moving them to their room all the time. It will look nice and your children will have an inviting corner to play in.
  5. Store miscellaneous stuff: If you have too many tiny things laying around, adding baskets to your shelves can help you organize all of them in a stylish way.

Basket Storage in the Kid's Room

Toys that don’t magically appear in your living room will stay unorganized in your kid’s bedroom. So, apply some of these organizational techniques:

  • Organize sports gear with several rustic wire baskets
  • Store your stuffed animals in wire baskets
  • Use a wire basket to store diapers in a way that makes it look stylish
  • Store dirty clothes from your kid’s room or nursery in a laundry hamper

Basket Organisation in The Kitchen and Pantry

Pantries and kitchens are usually a major pain to organize for most people. You see all of those perfectly organized kitchens and you wonder:

How is that possible?

However, the trick is in – you guessed it – baskets and bins!

  • Use baskets to define what each area is for – group items that are alike in some way
  • Mask the packaging with baskets for a more uniform, neater look
  • Create party baskets where you’ll store everything you need for parties without having to search through stuff
  • Use them to store your small appliances
  • Minimize excess food in your pantry by storing older food in baskets and pushing them to the front

Craft Supplies Storage Ideas

Craft supplies can quickly become overwhelming without a proper storage system. Let's take a look at how you can utilize storage shelving with baskets to organize your craft supplies.

Storage by Type

Storing craft supplies by type is a practical approach. You can dedicate individual baskets for paints, brushes, fabrics, scissors, and so on. This system allows you to find everything you need quickly.

Portable Baskets

For crafters, having portable baskets is particularly beneficial. These baskets can be taken off the shelves and brought to your working area, providing you with all the necessary supplies at arm's reach.


Whether you're a parent looking to tame the toy chaos, a craft enthusiast seeking a practical way to store your supplies, or simply someone looking to maximize your living space, storage shelving with baskets provides a versatile and aesthetically pleasing solution. As we've shown, they can even be used to make the most out of your under-bed space, turning otherwise wasted space into a valuable storage asset.

Remember, when selecting your storage shelving and baskets, consider the size and type of items you plan to store, the available space, and the style of your room. By doing so, you'll ensure that your new storage solution not only meets your functional needs, but also enhances the overall appeal of your home.


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