Wedding Centerpieces – Breathtaking and Affordable Ways to Decorate Your Tables

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You want to have an amazing wedding but a wedding is very expensive and you might not be able to afford everything that you want. You end up having to spend money on the meal, clothing, the venue, and so on.

To save money, you can decorate the wedding on your own and especially the wedding tables.

Here are some ways to create exceptional wedding centerpieces for your tables that are not only attractive but highlight your own individual style and help make your entire wedding an experience everyone can enjoy.

Deciding What To Do

The first thing you'll need to do is to sit down with your fiancé and discuss exactly what you want to use for your wedding centerpieces. You have several things to discuss and you should come up with several ideas before you settle on any one theme. Once you have settled on a theme you can then narrow down the choices of what you are going to use for your wedding centerpieces and other parts of your wedding reception.

Make sure you take some time to decide exactly what you want so you're not scrambling and running out of time. By planning ahead of time, you'll have enough headway to get things done prior to the wedding. You might find that some things are not working out exactly as you like so you'll have time to change them and try something else. Make sure you do some thorough planning because it will make things go a lot smoother when it comes to designing your wedding venue and creating the wedding centerpieces for your tables.

Make it Unique to You

When designing your wedding centerpieces make sure you are doing something that is unique and special to you. Your wedding is something that you're celebrating together and you're sharing your love for each other with other people. Your wedding centerpieces should highlight both of you as a couple. If your centerpieces happened to be quirky or unique this is fine because it is highlighting the people that you are. Your wedding centerpiece doesn't have to be something traditional or something that is plain or ordinary.

The centerpieces and the design of your wedding venue should be showcasing your own unique personality and individual style. By designing in this way, your wedding will be a fantastic experience and you'll enjoy creating the arrangements for the tables and not just settling on the same old, same old that many people might go for.

Wedding Centerpieces 4Colors

You will have to decide on the types of colors that you want. You should naturally pick a color that you love and then work with that color as the main part of the centerpiece or theme of the wedding. Then you can create your centerpiece designs around the colors or add colors that compliment the main color you are using. This will help keep everything uniform and nice looking on the table.

White Christmas Lights

You can make the venue more attractive by using white Christmas lights. These can be hung around the cake, in potted plants, around the ceiling, and even around the wedding table and they can become a part of the centerpiece as well. There are other options available to you besides Christmas Lights such as lanterns or other lights as this can make a nice touch for the table. You could also choose white candles and light these on the table and they can be a focal point on the table. Create a centerpiece with flowers or something else and use a few lights as decorations. You have many options when you use white lights on your wedding tables.

Feather Wreaths

You could create wreaths out of feathers or other materials and use these on the wedding table as a centerpiece. You can get many low price craft items including feathers and other materials from craft stores in bulk and this won't cost you a whole lot of money. Also, you can create centerpieces for the tables or create other designs and place these on the walls or other places of the wedding reception hall. This can be an inexpensive way of decorating things yet have everything look attractive for the guests.

Water Fountain

If you own a small water fountain or know someone that owns a water fountain this could be a center point for your table and be quite attractive. Water falling is very soothing and refreshing and it can help the guest relax as they enjoy their dinner and conversation with other people. You could put this on the main table if you want or you could have smaller water fountains on each one of the tables. What you do with this is entirely up to you.


You can save money on fabrics for table decorations by buying these at craft stores or other stores. This can give a simple table are unique and fresh look and you can try different color combinations. You can match the fabric with the napkins play settings and other parts of the table pretty unique and special look.


Most people today take a lot of photographs. you might create a photo collage that you could put as a centerpiece on the tables. Perhaps you could highlight the special moments that you had together prior to getting married. You can highlight your engagement, a trip you took together and so on. This can help breathe life into each centerpiece and give each table a unique and special appeal instead of just traditional centerpieces that most people have.

Flower Arrangements

Flowers are the ideal choice for a wedding centerpiece because there is so much you can do with them. You can arrange them in just the way that you like. Flowers can be very eye-catching as well as memorable and make a great choice for your wedding centerpiece. If you can't afford real flowers you can always use fake flowers and many of the fake flowers today look just as good as the real ones. You can buy these at craft stores and other stores and use them as the focal point for your wedding tables. You could also try different vases and other containers to highlight the flowers so they stand out on the tables.


Decide on a certain theme for your wedding and then use this theme for your wedding tables. There are many examples of themes that you can use for your table. For example, you might go for a rustic feel, modern feel, or perhaps you're going for a more vintage look. Whatever type of seeing that you decide on you can design your wedding centerpieces for the tables based upon this theme and then everything else can relate to the theme. You will have a uniform and nice look to the entire reception venue. Here are a few examples:

Seasonal Theme

This type of wedding theme is based upon the seasons. You could use colors and decorations based upon the time of year. For example, if the wedding is in the winter then the theme is going to have a lot of winter-themed items. If the wedding is in the summer time then you're going to have things that relate to the summer such as a garden theme or other type of theme that highlights the summer months. You can also buy plenty of items that are in season which will save you money on your decorating such as flowers.

Wedding Centerpieces 3Wedding Reception Theme Ideas

While a themed wedding may not be the best option for everyone, it will enable you to have a more focused approach to planning your reception decorations. By putting all the theme elements together, you will make everything easier. You will save a lot of money and have something attractive for both you and your guests to enjoy at your wedding.


For a vintage style wedding theme, you might use items such as distressed white which can give a very vintage style look to your wedding. There are many items you can buy in the distressed White theme which would be perfect for a wedding. This could include the tables, chairs, and you can design wedding centerpieces to highlight this theme.


Just remember that your wedding centerpieces are going to be a reflection of who you are as a couple. You should design them in the way that you want and they don't have to be traditional looking or just a plain looking at the centerpiece. You can have a lot of fun at designing centerpieces on your own and you can save money by purchasing a lot of your items through craft stores or discount stores. Also, you can talk with friends and family members and see if they have items that they can donate for your wedding what you can use to design at the centerpieces. This can also help you save a lot of money on your wedding centerpieces and other parts of your wedding theme and other parts of your reception.

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