Three Clever Ways to Transform Your Ikea Cabinets Into a Chic Lounge

Some of these improvisers are so resourceful that they can turn even a crappy Ikea cabinet into a chic lounge. But what is the real secret behind these clever home improvements? It turns out that these DIY mavericks are a highly creative and internet-connected group of interior-design mavericks. These hackers aren't afraid of a bit of DIY and believe in their own capabilities, which can help them make their homes more unique.

Ikea hackers are interior-design mavericks

For starters, it's amazing that so many people have actually found IKEA products so attractive and affordable. But this doesn't mean that they haven't decided to make a few modifications or changes. Many people who are ‘hackers' also want to create specific designs or functions with their IKEA products. And, since these products are relatively cheap, it's even better if you can customize them yourself!

For example, the Tarva chest from IKEA can be easily customized with a fresh coat of white and gold paint. Another brilliant example is the Hemnes dresser. A deep blue paint job and some cool brass half-moon handles make this basic piece stand out in a room. Those two examples demonstrate the versatility of an IKEA Billy bookcase. Those are just a few of the many ways “Ikea hackers” can customize these inexpensive pieces for their own homes.

IKEA's hacks are cheap and creative, so you can create any room you want. One example is a folding wall made of IVAR wood gables and rattan. This is an example of a clever IKEA hack that's sure to impress your friends and family. There are even blogs where people post their IKEA hacks. There's definitely a hack for you!

They adapt to awkward or cramped spaces

In a bid to make the most of an awkward or cramped space, savvy Ikea hackers are finding creative ways to make everyday items more useful. From elevated dog-food stands to stylish fabric walls, these clever hacks make Ikea products adaptable to a variety of situations. Here are some of the best. Not all hacks are good, but some are incredibly useful. Check out these three examples.

If you have a cramped or awkward space, there's no need to throw out all your Ikea furniture – there are thousands of ways to transform it. One popular way to make Ikea furniture more unique and useful is to adapt it by creating custom pieces. These clever ideas are inexpensive and easy to create. If you want to create your own bespoke furniture, try one of the many DIY hacks online.

They feel very capable and resourceful

The interdisciplinary community of do-it-yourselfers, crafters, artists, and product designers known as Ikea Hackers are a global movement of creative do-it-yourselfers. They view the flat packs that Ikea makes for its wares as a raw material that can be customized to their own needs and preferences. They are a subset of the global D.I.Y. movement, which is rooted in anticonsumerism, antiglobalism, and all-purpose iconoclasm.

A recent hack involved a team of engineers and an IKEA chair. They were able to make the chair entirely by robot, and it took just 20 minutes. Luckily, they've already come up with many more ideas. Several IKEA hacks have been published online, including a collection of meta Ikea hacks from the likes of Sara Yap. A popular example is a chair that fuses a walking cane and an Ikea chair.

They turn cabinets into lounges

There are many ways to transform your Ikea cabinets into a stylish lounge area. You can add a vintage style credenza to an Ikea chest of drawers, or create a custom coffee table using an old desk. If you're not a fan of the traditional look, you can add a modern feel by changing the knobs and handles. The possibilities are endless. And you don't have to spend a lot of money. You can even make your own shelving unit!

For the simplest upcycled furniture, you can use an IKEA dresser and make it look completely different by painting it in a new color. The basic process requires a little paint, wood stain, or a coat of gold spray paint. This is a great weekend DIY project. Another popular hack transforms an IKEA Besta cabinet into a Mid Century dream cabinet. Mid-century modern designs often feature stars.

Hackers also use the unfinished wood products to create unique and beautiful pieces. Some hackers even turn these pieces into coffee tables. You can find more examples of creative makeovers on the IKEA subreddit, which has more than 109k members. You can get a lot of inspiration from this community of home improvement enthusiasts. Whether you're looking to transform an old dresser into a new chair or an Ikea cabinet into a beautiful lounge, IKEA hackers will inspire you with their creative flair.

They make cat beds out of CD holders

Cats love to sleep in the open, so why not build them a bed? An Ikea Lack Table is inexpensive and perfect for this purpose. You can even make a cat tree out of one of these. Cats will love the space and the elevated bed will keep them comfortable and warm. This hack is also easy to do yourself. Follow these simple instructions for an inexpensive cat bed. And you can use CD holders to decorate the bed even further.

The Ikea Lack shelves are also perfect for making cat beds out of. They look minimalist, but they are highly customisable, and they can even serve as a cat ladder. Combined with a wider picture ledge, they can also be used as cat beds. Inexpensive CD holders can also be turned into beds! So, your cat will have a cozy place to rest on while you're at work!

If you're a DIY-er, you can also turn an Ikea Kallax unit into a cat bed. The same principle applies to the Kallax single-shelf unit. Instead of the CD holders, you can staple an Ikea mini rug to the wooden platform. Then, you can place it in your living room to make the cat bed out of it. Cats also love to climb, and this will make the entire process a lot more fun for you and your cat.

They turn bookshelves into desks

A growing number of people are making do-it-yourself (DIY) furniture in the spirit of Ikea. While the company may use simple, universal designs, they can't be considered “green” unless you make the necessary modifications to their products. In fact, the hardware used in Ikea shelves and cabinets is the same in most developed countries. Ikea hackers also make use of the Ikea brand's massive scale and global recognition to create functional furniture. Many have converted Ikea furniture into their own unique designs and have made a business out of it.

You don't need to own a large space to make your own desk – just an old Ikea Trestle leg and a remnant piece of wood flooring can do the trick. You can even create a DIY computer desk with the leftover materials, a $50 DIY project that will give your space a whole new look. Another blogger turned an Ikea Kallax desk into a marble-like desk by incorporating bookshelves into the design.

An IKEA billy bookcase can look custom with a little trimming. Crown moulding and paint add a professional look. You can even use a complementary paint color to make your bookshelves look a little more unique. If you're a savvy DIYer, you can also use Ikea hacks in your kitchen. If you've ever wondered how to make your IKEA bookcase look more expensive, try these DIY projects.

They make a banquette out of kitchen cabinets

One way to save money and create more seating is by installing an L-shaped banquette made of kitchen cabinets. It matches your kitchen cabinets and provides extra seating for guests. You can use the upper cabinets as benches and add valuable storage space as well. To build the banquette, use two x 4 lumber and cabinet-grade plywood. Primer and caulk are also needed. You can follow the instructions provided by the tutorial to make it look good.

A stunning example of an Ikea hack is making a banquette out of kitchen cabinet doors. This clever hack is by Instagram influencer and designer Medina Grillo. She used cabinet boxes from Ikea, the Swedish Door Company, and Burly Kitchen Company to create a comfortable seating area. But if you'd like to make a more subtle statement, you can consider installing bespoke cabinet doors.

Another great hack is turning an Ikea cabinet into a bar. Catarina from Sweet Magnolia turned her IVAR cabinets into a bar by painting them blue and adding glitzy gold furniture legs. Another Ikea hack is a fish scale pattern on an Ikea cabinet. She sketched out the pattern on her computer and traced it with a homemade cardboard template. Once complete, she added a pair of pretty furniture legs to her Ikea cabinet.

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