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Over recent years, many men have found the ideal way to retreat to their own havens while still at home. Some have designed their own man caves filled with everything they love. This includes TV, games, computer equipment, music, perhaps even a bar. Well, if men can create their own exclusive haven there is certainly no reason why women cannot do the same. This is where she-shed kits can prove invaluable.

With a stylish she-shed, you can have a wonderful place to escape when the stress of day-to-day life takes its toll. Even if you simply want to enjoy a little peace and quiet, this is a great solution. You can be as creative as you want with your she-shed. With the size of some of the sheds available these days, you can create a lovely space where you and your friends can relax.

Decorating Your She-Shed

One of the things you have to consider is how you will decorate your she-shed. When it comes to décor, your only limit is your imagination. Many women opt for pastel colors for the walls of the shed in order to make it more homely and inviting. Of course, you can just stick with the rustic look and simply stain the wood if you prefer. It is totally up to you, as you will be the one using it.

If you decide to use colored paint for the walls, there are many great color options to choose from. Making sure you use pastels and lighter colors will make the interior of your she-shed look far airier and larger, so try to steer clear of darker colors. Shades such as rose, mint, or biscuit are great for making your space look elegant and spacious.

Of course, you can add plenty of color to your walls in other ways too. Using artwork and photos to hang on the walls is a great way to add extra style and focal points. You can also add pinboards to the walls, so you have a she-shed that offers practicality as well as comfort and style. There are also many great hanging ornaments that you can use if you want to make your décor even more interesting.

When it comes to the floor of your she-shed, using a wood stain is an excellent way to give it a polished finish. In addition, this is a very cost-effective solution. You can then add a colorful rug to the floor in order to add warmth and create a cozier effect.

The Furniture for Your She-Shed

So, once you have the décor sorted for your she-shed, it is time to think about furnishing it. Of course, you need to consider the size of your shed before you start snapping up furniture bargains, as you want to ensure everything fits. In addition, you don’t want to create an area that is too cluttered, as this will be far less relaxing.

One thing you will need is seating. You could opt for a small two-seater settee where you can relax. Alternatively, you may prefer to go for a couple of cozy and comfy armchairs. In terms of design, you can choose exactly what appeals to you. Some women may prefer something ultra-modern and sleek while others prefer something more colorful and retro. Either way, make sure your furniture design complements your color scheme.

You should also try to get a table into your she-shed, even if you can only fit in a small one. You can then enjoy sitting back in your chair or on your settee with a drink and a bite to eat. Having a table at hand to put your stuff will make it far more homely. A small coffee table is ideal for your she-shed. Again, you should base the color and style on the rest of your décor and furniture so it all fits in.

Making Your Windows Stand Out

Another thing to do is to make sure you have the right window treatments in your she-shed. Of course, you need windows to allow air and natural light into the area. By making sure your windows are properly dressed, you can add to the aesthetic appeal of the she-shed. Again, you need to take into consideration the theme and other décor to decide on window coverings.

If you have gone for a very modern look, you may want to opt for blinds, as these are wonderfully contemporary. You can get these in various colors too, so you can add a splash of vibrancy while still maintaining a modern look. For a more retro she-shed, you can opt for something like Gingham-style kitchen curtains. These will look delightful and will go well with your retro décor.

For those that are looking for elegance and subtlety, you can use netting or lace voiles. These are a simple and very affordable way to dress your windows and make them look great. You can also hang them with simply tension rods or net-curtain wire, so you don’t have to worry about curtain poles.

Entertainment in Your She-Shed

Of course, one thing you cannot forget about when it comes to your she-shed is having entertainment. While you might not be able to squeeze a pool table and a bar into your she-shed, there are plenty of other things you can do. You can make this area as relaxing or exciting as you like. All you need to do is think about the types of things you want to do while relaxing in your haven.

If you have electrical outlets in your she-shed, you will be able to enjoy plenty of entertainment. You can have a wall-mounted TV for those days where you want to chill out and peace and watch a movie. You could also have a selection of DVDs to watch if the TV has a built-in DVD player. These days, however, most people stream content from their laptops and devices, so this is something else you can do.

If you are something of a bookworm, it is well worth putting up a shelf – or adding a small bookcase if you have room. You can then add some of your favorite books to your area. This will not only give you something to read but adds character to the space. Just being able to relax on your chair and curl up with a good book is a great way to chill out.

You can also spend time relaxing with some music when you are in your she-shed. You may want to simply listen to music on your mobile device, in which case a Bluetooth player will enable you to crank up the sound. If you have a selection of favorite CDs, you can install a cheap CD player so you can listen to them whenever you like.

She Shed Kits_Other Appliances for Practicality and EaseOther Appliances for Practicality and Ease

If you have electrical outlets in your she-shed, you may as well make the most of it with some more appliances. For instance, you could install a pod coffee machine so you can enjoy a cup of your favorite hot drink whenever you like. You could even have a mini counter-top fridge to store your vino and a little storage cupboard for glasses and cups.

You may also want to put a portable heater and fan in your she-shed. This will ensure you can keep it cool during the summer and warm it up during the fall and winter months. One other thing to consider is lighting. In addition to your main shed light, you can invest in a lamp or two. This will add to the elegance and ambiance of your she-shed. It is a great way to create a homely and cozy appearance.

The Exterior

In addition to the interior of your she-shed, you also have to consider the exterior. You should, of course, make sure you have timber protection for the shed. This will ensure it stands up to adverse weather conditions. However, there are also ways to add to the aesthetic appeal of the exterior.

One thing you can do is add some solar powered lighting around the outside. This could include tall lanterns and colored lights, which will add a magical touch at night. You can even add decking outside the shed, as this creates a kind of terrace. In the warmer weather, you can sit outside your she-shed and soak up the sunshine. All you need to do is add a little patio table or maybe even a swing-seat.

Enjoy the Chance to Relax in Comfort

With your own she-shed, you can look forward to the chance to relax in comfort. You can even entertain your girlfriends in your private haven where you can enjoy movies, games, or a few drinks. Your shed will become the ideal place to get away from it all and enjoy some ‘me’ time. So, make it as quirky, retro, modern, or elegant as you like. After all, it is your private place so it should be decorated to suit your tastes.

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