10 Outdoor Lights Ideas – Add Instant Romance and Light up the Night with Simple Landscape Lighting

Outdoor Lights Ideas_Outdoor Lights Ideas

10 Outdoor Lights Ideas – Add Instant Romance and Light up the Night with Simple Landscape Lighting

Are you looking for outdoor light ideas to add beauty to your outside area or add some romance to your garden or patio?

Discover the magic of transforming your outdoor haven into a captivating escape with imaginative touches beyond traditional lighting. Envision the gentle glow of pathway lights and dreamy string lights that turn your garden into an enchanting oasis, perfect for solitary relaxation or charming evening gatherings. Elevate outdoor dining to a new level by suspending graceful pendant lights or rustic lanterns above your dining area, casting a warm ambiance for intimate meals.

Let your space come alive with the vibrancy of festive lights, making celebrations and special occasions a true spectacle against the night sky. Prioritize safety without sacrificing style by embracing discreet motion sensor lights that enhance security while maintaining the charm of your outdoor sanctuary. With these ideas, your outdoor space becomes a personalized haven where enchantment and functionality intertwine seamlessly.

Brainstorm First

The first thing you should do before you add any lighting to your area is to do a bit of brainstorming to see what you might like. There are many different options in terms of lighting so you might have to experiment a bit until you find something that works for your needs.

You can always try several different types of lighting before you decide on what you want for the outdoor area. You should browse garden shops, hardware stores, lighting stores, and other areas where you find lights to see what is out there.

Outdoor Lights Ideas_Cover Your Trees like Christmas

Bring On The Ideas!

Magic Lantern

Try adding vintage lanterns or other decorative lanterns as these can add attractive lighting to any outdoor area. You could take a few of these and then cluster them on a table outside. They could be lined up on one of the walls outside. You have many different ways that you can use these.

You could use candles inside the lantern. If you don't want to go this route, you can get ones that are operated by batteries. Adding lanterns outside is a simple and easy way to add more elegance and style to any outdoor area.

Candle Chandelier

If you have any sort of covered patio you might add a candle chandelier to the area. You don't have to use actual candles for this as you can get LED style candles which make for easy operation and you don't have to worry about fire hazards. Create a nice canopy of lighting above the table and it gives a cozy as well as romantic atmosphere. Another idea is to also add other lights around the table area for even more style. You will find a wide variety of different candle chandelier styles to choose from for your outdoor area.

Step Lights

Another way to change up an outdoor area add lights to either side of the steps that might go up to your patio or even to your garden area. Adding lights can also bring safety to the area. There are many different types of lights that you can buy including LED lights or even solar-powered lights. There are many choices to adding lights to your outdoor area and this can be a great option around your steps. You can also do this around at the Garden area and put similar lights in the garden to make it more attractive.

Pillar Candles

Another way to add more light outside is to use pillar candles. These aren't the regular style of candles which burn but are pillar candles which are designed to be battery operated. These are a very safe option. If you're going to use a regular pillar candle you'd want to be very close by it outside and ensure that it's not going to cause a safety hazard. Due to the safety hazard that regular candles have, it's a better option to use a battery powered pillar candle.

Courtyard lights

If you have a courtyard you could always string lights from one side of it to the other and this can give a bit of an illusion that you have a roof over the courtyard. You can add a lot of lighting this way but it doesn't get in the way of what you want to do. You could also do a similar thing by adding small lights to pots shrubs, or trees. This is another simple way of adding more lighting to your outdoor area.

Fire Pit

A fire pit in the backyard can add a lot of style and elegance to your backyard area. This doesn't have to be a traditional wood-burning pit as you can get many that are powered by other sources. You can get ones that are gas-powered and look just as authentic as a regular fire pit but without the toxic smoke and hassle that a regular fire brings you.

In many cases, you might not be able to have a fire during the winter months so a regular gas-powered fire pit can be a great option. Around the fire pit area, you could put cushions on some seating and create a nice comfortable area for people to sit.

Outdoor Lights Ideas_Fire Pit

Backlight Planters and Other Lights

Adding a luminous element to your outdoor space can drastically transform its appearance, and an innovative way to do this is by incorporating backlighting into your planters. This method of garden lighting not only elevates the overall aesthetic but also emphasizes the lush beauty of your garden area by creating dramatic highlights and shadows.

Backlit planters serve a functional purpose too, providing a pleasant ambient light that draws the eye and allows the distinctive features of your garden to be appreciated even after sunset. Moreover, the soft illumination emanating from the planters can create a calming and inviting ambiance, further enhancing the enjoyment of your outdoor area.

However, the use of lights in the garden needn't be limited to just the planters. You can further amplify the aesthetic impact by scattering additional lighting fixtures around the entire garden area. This can provide a layer of depth and richness, contributing to a well-lit, multi-dimensional space.

Chinese Lanterns – Elegance with a Splash of Festivity

Amongst the wide variety of lanterns available, Chinese lanterns stand out as particularly elegant and charming. Incorporating these into your outdoor setting not only imbues it with a festive spirit, but also adds an element of refined design and vibrant color. They offer an effortless way to enliven your garden, patio, or any outdoor space.

Whether you're planning a party, hosting an event, or simply wish to add a touch of sophistication and flair to your backyard, these lanterns can be the perfect enhancement. With their soft, inviting glow, they create an intimate atmosphere, transforming your outdoor area into an enchanting gathering space.

Chinese lanterns come in an impressive variety of sizes and shapes, providing a multitude of options to complement any outdoor aesthetic. From intricate patterns to sleek minimalist designs, there's something to suit every taste. Beyond their visual appeal, they are an enjoyable and practical solution to boost the ambient lighting in your backyard, turning it into a nighttime oasis.

Outdoor Lights Ideas

Cover Your Trees Like Christmas

Christmas time usually sees our trees and diminutive shrubs adorned with twinkling lights, but there's no rule stating this can't be a year-round decor choice! In fact, one delightful way to enhance your outdoor spaces, especially the area around your back door, is by festooning small trees and shrubs with miniature string lights.

Even when it's not the festive season, weaving small, twinkling lights through the foliage can imbue your backyard with a magical glow. The beauty of this idea lies in its simplicity and flexibility. You don't have to commit to a grand light display; even a handful of strategically placed lights can substantially elevate the ambiance of your backyard, lending it an inviting and warm glow.

Deck String Lights

You can implement a comparable approach for enhancing your outdoor space by incorporating string lights to your deck. This strategy can amplify the ambience of your area by providing a simple yet effective source of illumination, all without breaking the bank.

You could have the freedom to get creative and experiment with numerous styles, techniques, or designs in arranging the lights. The variety could range from casually draped arrangements to intricate patterns, allowing you to customize and breathe fresh life into your deck through versatile lighting solutions.

Outdoor Lights Ideas_Outdoor Lights Ideas

Bonus Lighting Projects

If you are a little craftier you can create some very interesting lights with just a few materials. Here are a couple of project ideas that you might consider:

Lights out of Wood

Can create your own lights out of a block of wood such as a cinder block. You only need a few tools to do this if you are handy and it's easy to add the lights to the block of wood and you can have something that is unique and stylish for your outdoor area. You can decorate the block of wood however you want and stain it in the way that you like. This saves you the trip going to the store and trying to find the perfect light with a wooden base. You can make this yourself and add it to your garden area or another area of your backyard.

Wire Basket Lights

At any craft store or economy store, you can find wire baskets. You can take these wire baskets and make decorative lamps and lights out of them by simply adding a light to the inside. There are many ways that you can go about this and you can find cheap lighting fixtures to go inside your new wire basket light. This can be a simple way to add more style and variety to your outdoor lights. Perhaps you might hang a couple of these over your outdoor table.

Outdoor Lights Ideas_Mason jar Lantern

Mason jar Lantern

It is easy to take an old mason jar and make a light out of it. You could put some rocks in the bottom of it and then put a tea light inside of the Mason jar. The glass jar will add safety to the outdoor area as the tea light will be more secure inside. You can also add various lights that run on batteries as well if you want to go this route.

Old Boxes

You can take any old box that you have and add some lights to it for a colorful and stylish look to your outdoor area. These box lights will add just enough light to the outdoor area and could be options around the garden area to add just a little bit more light to the area.

FAQs for Outdoor Lighting Ideas:

1. How should I approach brainstorming ideas for outdoor lighting?

When embarking on the creative process of selecting outdoor lighting, start by considering the purpose and ambiance you want to establish. Think about whether you're aiming for a cozy, romantic feel or a vibrant, festive atmosphere. Look through design magazines, online platforms, and even visit local outdoor lighting displays to gather inspiration and visualize the different lighting possibilities available.

2. What are some innovative ways to use decorative lanterns for outdoor lighting?

Decorative lanterns can bring a touch of charm and elegance to your outdoor space. Experiment with placing vintage lanterns on outdoor tables to create an enchanting centerpiece. Alternatively, you can arrange them in clusters on a wall, adding both a decorative and functional aspect to the area. Inside these lanterns, you can use traditional candles to infuse a warm glow, or opt for battery-operated candles to ensure safety and convenience.

3. How can a candle chandelier transform a covered patio space?

A candle chandelier is a sophisticated addition to a covered patio. By hanging it above a dining table or seating area, you can establish an intimate and inviting ambiance. Opt for LED candles or battery-operated ones to eliminate fire hazards while still creating the cozy allure of real candles. For an extra layer of style, consider incorporating additional lights around the area to accentuate the chandelier's charm.

4. What's the best way to incorporate lighting into outdoor steps?

Illuminate your outdoor steps in a way that enhances safety and aesthetics. Mount lights on the sides of steps to not only create a visually appealing effect but also provide much-needed visibility in the evening. You have the flexibility to choose between energy-efficient LED lights and solar-powered options, catering to your specific lighting preferences while ensuring the outdoor area remains well-lit.

5. How can pillar candles contribute to outdoor lighting while maintaining safety?

Pillar candles offer a captivating lighting option that can be incorporated into various outdoor settings. To prioritize safety, particularly in wind-prone outdoor environments, opt for battery-operated pillar candles. These mimic the cozy glow of real candles without the associated risks. Placing them on tables, walkways, or within decorative lanterns can add a touch of allure to your outdoor area.

6. What's the secret to creating an enchanting courtyard using lights?

Craft an inviting outdoor haven by using lights creatively in your courtyard. Stringing lights across the space imparts a magical feel, evoking the sense of a sheltering canopy. To extend this effect, consider adorning potted plants, shrubs, or trees with smaller lights. The result is a harmonious illumination that elevates your outdoor area into a serene escape.

7. What benefits can a fire pit bring to an outdoor environment?

Introducing a fire pit to your backyard offers numerous benefits beyond its aesthetic appeal. Opt for a gas-powered fire pit to enjoy the warmth and charm of a fire without the hassle of traditional wood-burning options. This choice ensures you can create a cozy atmosphere even during winter months when wood fires might not be practical. Arrange comfortable seating around the fire pit to encourage relaxation and socializing.

8. How does backlighting planters enhance the nighttime allure of a garden?

Enhance the captivating allure of your garden after sunset by incorporating backlighting into your planters. This technique not only adds an enchanting play of light and shadow but also accentuates the beauty of your greenery. The soft illumination emanating from the planters contributes to a calming ambiance, turning your garden into a mesmerizing nocturnal retreat.

9. What's the unique appeal of Chinese lanterns in outdoor decor?

Chinese lanterns introduce an elegant and festive touch to your outdoor spaces. With their intricate designs and vibrant colors, they add a refined yet celebratory vibe. These lanterns create an inviting atmosphere for various occasions, from casual get-togethers to formal gatherings. The soft glow they emit establishes an intimate setting, transforming your outdoor space into a captivating oasis.

10. Can tree and shrub lighting be a year-round design choice?

Absolutely, tree and shrub lighting needn't be confined to the holiday season. Weaving delicate string lights through the foliage can extend the enchantment throughout the year. This approach imparts a sense of wonder and magic, elevating your outdoor space's ambiance regardless of the season.


As I delve into the realm of outdoor lighting ideas, I'm struck by the transformative power they hold. Beyond mere illumination, these concepts paint our outdoor spaces with enchantment, infusing each corner with radiance and warmth. From the soft flicker of vintage lanterns illuminating gatherings to the delicate glow of LED candles that weave an intimate haven on covered patios, these ideas merge aesthetics with safety and comfort.

The vivid scenes they conjure – the crackling fire pit fostering cozy conversations, gardens awash in artistic backlighting, and the elegance of Chinese lanterns celebrating every moment – evoke a sense of personal connection to our outdoor sanctuaries. Crafting our own luminous additions, be it a wooden masterpiece or a humble mason jar lantern, infuses our spaces with a unique touch. With every light we set aglow, we're weaving a tapestry of memories that celebrate the beauty of our surroundings and the magic of shared moments, making our backyards a canvas of wonder under the starlit sky.


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