Organizing A Kitchen: How to Hack Your Way to Sleeker Shelves, Clear Counters, and Less Clutter

Organizing A Kitchen

Finding it difficult organizing a kitchen?

Your kitchen can be a place where there is a lot of clutter and can be difficult to work in.

This guide will help you get started organizing your kitchen in the best way possible, so that it is more functional and easier to get around while cooking.

Purge Old Items

The first thing you need to do is take inventory of everything you have in your kitchen. You may have two or three of one item that is simply not needed. If you want a kitchen that is more functional, you should remove any old or duplicate items you have as this will help you streamline things.

For example, you probably don't need five or six frying pans as two or three might do. You may have several sets of dishes, several pots, multiple pieces of cutlery, and so on that you can get rid of.

Take inventory of what you have and remove anything that is not necessary in the kitchen as this will help free up space so that you can organize it in a better way.

Total Kitchen Clean

The next thing you should do is a total kitchen clean.

Take everything out of the kitchen and empty out all of the drawers as you're purging all of the old items. This will give you a chance to scrub everything down to remove dirt and debris to make the kitchen cleaner overall.

Group Items

You should start grouping items into their individual tasks.

For example, you can have certain drawers where you keep baking items. You can have other drawers where you keep the day-to-day items that you use more often.

It's not a good idea to have everything spread out around the kitchen as you want things to be within easy reach. The items that you use every day such as a toaster, coffee pot, microwave oven, toaster oven, and so on should be on the countertop and within easy reach.

Some other examples of proper organization would be to have areas for everyday items, cooking items, spices, pantry for dry goods, storage, drinks, and cleaning items. This gives your kitchen a more organized look, as you have everything laid out where each item has their own individual spot. It makes it easier to find the items you need, without having to hunt for them throughout the kitchen.


When you buy items from the store they often come in bulk containers or bags. Consider buying some plastic containers or other storage containers where you can place all of the bulk items in.

For example, you can put pasta, cereal, grains, beans, rice, and so on in these plastic containers and then label them. This makes it easy to find them in your pantry. You can also do this if you have bulk spices so you can take these to refill the normal spice containers that you keep near the cooking area.

Quick Organization Ideas

Here are a few simple organization ideas to help keep your kitchen in tip-top shape.

  • Buy a spice rack or create your own where you can store the spices you use most often within easy reach.
  • Create drawer organizers and dividers where you can put items in and find them easily. For example have a divider for knives, regular cutlery, cooking utensils, and so on.
  • Create shelving that pulls out as these are easy to use. You can create this in any area of the kitchen.
  • Make use of the space on your walls. You can add a knife holder here, herbs, or anything else that you need within easy Reach. For example, you could create a rack with hooks on it where you put the top cooking items you use every day such as a spatula, large spoon, and so on.
  • On one of the cupboard doors, you could put a cork board where you can hang small items or recipes that you want to use.

More Organization Ideas

This guide will give you some concrete organization ideas for your kitchen, but take a bit more work than the previously mentioned.

Create Shelving for Cook Books

One way to create some storage is to build some shelving for cookbooks. You could do this at eye level near your food preparation area. This can make it easy to grab the cookbooks that you need without having to hunt for them around the kitchen. You could also do this with a pullout cupboard where you can find all of your cookbooks in an easy to access area.

Kitchen Island with Storage

A kitchen island can be a great place just store items or to cook on. You can build a kitchen island with some cupboards or put some shelving underneath. A kitchen island can also become a focal point of the kitchen and be the perfect place to prepare meals. On top of it, you might want to put a sink.

Spice Storage

Consider creating a spice rack and putting this above the stove area. You can then put your spices into an easy to reach area. You could also do this by creating a specific cupboard near the cooking area where you keep all your spices in. Perhaps you could create a drawer that slides out for easy access to your spices and simply put your spice rack in there.

The Side of Kitchen Cabinets

Most people open their kitchen cabinets and they grab something that is inside on the shelving. The inside door of the kitchen cabinet is often and not used it all. You can create some handy space here by putting some plastic racks or some hooks which can add some extra storage space for small Items. You can find all sorts of different racks that you can put inside a kitchen cabinet which will give you more storage space then you had before.


In the garage, you often find a pegboard as this is an easy way to put regular tools on. You can do the same thing in the kitchen because you were still using tools they're just of a different type. A pegboard can be colored to match your kitchen and this can be a handy way to access items that you were using all the time such as spoons, spatulas, and other small kitchen items.  You might create a small shelf that goes above the pegboard and you can put even more items on this.

Dish Rack Hanger

Many people have a dish rack that they keep on the counter but this can take up space. You can get ones that can go above the sink and you can use these to put your dishes in as you wash them. This sort of rack is easy to install and they often come with hooks and other storage options and this could really free up space as you dry your dishes.

Hooks and Rods under the Sink

The sink area can be a place with added storage. Underneath the sink, you can put rods and hooks and you can use these to hang up towels or to hang other small items that you were using. You might even install a small shelving unit on the free side of the cabinet door and use these to store your cleaning towels in or other cleaning items.

Storage Tray for Often Used Items

Consider using a small storage tray for items that are always on the table such as salt and pepper, condiments, napkins, butter, and so on. All of these items can be handily stored on one small tray and then when you're ready to eat, you can simply take this tray to the main table and you have all of the items that you need in one handy location. Once you're finished, you can simply transfer this back to the kitchen area.


This guide should get you started with cleaning up your kitchen and making it more accessible. Small changes in your kitchen can mean the world of difference. Take things in small steps and soon you will find that you have a very well organized kitchen.

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