Keepsake Quilting – Make Beautiful Quilts Out of Baby Clothes, Concert Tees, Jeans, and More!

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Are you looking to make a keepsake quilt?

There are many materials that you can use to make a keepsake quilt such as old jeans, baby clothes, and other items that you have around the house. Read on to find out what you need to know about making a keepsake quilt.

Many people use old items around their home to make their keepsake quilt. For example, you can cut up old shirts, jeans, and other clothing items to make an individual quilt. You can use various colors, different patterns, and so on to create an excellent quilt which could be handed down to other members of your family or given as a gift to someone.

Why Create a Keepsake Quilt?

There are many reasons why you might decide to make a keepsake quilt. Here are some ideas for your keepsake quilt to give to someone you care about.

Children Leaving Home

As children grow up at some point they're going to want to move out. If they are going off to college, getting their first place, or simply moving away this can be a wonderful opportunity to create them a keepsake quilt that they can take with them. You could use items from their life as a child and this can be a wonderful memory for them.

New Baby

Having a baby is a life-changing event for everyone. You can create a wonderful quilt for that person having a baby. If you have a grown child that has had their first baby, consider making them a quilt because they would have a wonderful keepsake from you and you can use items from your child's past to create the quilt.

New Job or other Big News

Another idea for creating a keepsake quilt is if someone you know has a big event in their life such as a new job. This can be a very exciting time and you can make it even more memorable by creating a nice quilt for them. You have a lot of options in what you can create and you've only limited it to your own imagination. For example, if your spouse has got a new job you could take his old ties, work shirts, and so on and create a nice quilt for him. You could do the same thing for a child that is going off to work for the first time or has a new career that they are starting.

Examples of Items You Can Use:


One way to create your keepsake quilt is to use some old t-shirts. Try to get t-shirts that come in a wide variety of colors because this will make your quilt stand out. You might do this for a college student that is going away to college for the first time. You could take their old t-shirts that you have lying around and create a unique and special quilt for them.


Another idea to make a keepsake quilt is to use old ties. The reason why you might want to do this is because ties are usually very soft. They are often made out of satin-like materials and can be very comfortable. these would make an excellent quilt or you could even turn them into pillowcases. You have a lot of options when it comes to using ties.

Baby Clothes

Another keepsake quilt idea is to take old baby clothes and turn those into a quilt. As a child reaches adulthood you could give this to them as a special gift so they have a memory of their life when they were a baby. Another idea is to give this sort of keepsake quilt when your child has a baby of their own. This should be an amazing gift to give them to show how much you love them. This quilt could then be handed down by your child to their child as they grow up.


Another quilting idea is to take old jeans and turn these into quilts. You probably have several old pairs of jeans hanging around the house that can be cut up and turned into an interesting quilt. This could make an amazing gift for almost anyone.

Other Ideas

There are many other ways to make a keepsake quilt. You are only limited to the items that you have in your house and your own ideas. Try to think of the reasons why you are making the quilt and then design the quilt around those ideas. You could sketch out individual ideas and then work from that as a base to create your quilt. Your ideas may change as you gather items for your quilting project. Some other items you might use for a quilt include

  • ribbons
  • cotton bandannas
  • cotton hankies
  • any other small fabrics

Make sure you use plenty of colors and try to make the design as unique as possible.

Tips on Making Your Quilt:

Have Several Ideas

Before you begin making your quilt try to have several ideas in mind as this will make it easier to create your quilt. If you try to do it by the seat of your pants oh, you're probably going to end up frustrated with the process. By having a couple of ideas, you can start again if something doesn't work out the way that you want.

Getting the Fabrics

You should have several ideas in mind before you start your quilt. You should gather as much material as possible because you never know when you might change your mind about something. If you have extra materials you can always build another quilt sometime in the future. You don't want to limit your choices but just gathering a few fabrics because this probably won't be enough for your project. You might find that things change as you start to design your quilt and you need more fabric.

If you don't have quite enough fabric you might try places such as an economy shop or maybe a garage sale where you can get those last pieces of fabric. The quilt that you make should be made out of your own items but if you need just a little bit more fabric you should do a bit of searching to find the items that you need to complete the project.

Before you begin you should ensure that you have all of your items available to you. You're going to need a decent sewing machine, the fabric you're going to use, an iron, a place to cut your fabrics, and similar items.

Finding Supplies

To save money on your supplies there are many places that have quilting supplies that you can pick up. You should look at craft stores because they will have many of the items that you need. Economy stores can have other items such as needles, thread, and other materials that you need to create your quilt.

Washing and Ironing

Many of the items that you're going to use have probably been stored for a long time or haven't been used for a long time. You should ensure that you wash everything to remove as much as the dirt as possible. You should also iron the items to remove any wrinkles and creases. If you're using fabrics that are delicate, make sure you use a lower setting on your iron so you don't burn the fabric. Materials such as silk, nylon, polyester, and acrylic will require a lower heat setting so make sure you understand how to iron these fabrics before you start the process.

Cutting Fabrics

When you're cutting in the fabric you want to go for that most distinct pieces of the fabric. For example, you probably want areas of the fabric that has a nice design on it or has a special feature that would highlight the quilt that you're building. You may want to take these designs and then rearrange them into something else to go onto the quilt. If the items are quite worn you may have to cut around the areas that are not going to be useful to get quality fabric out of the item. How you cut the fabric is ultimately going to be up to you. For example, if you have fabrics with lace on them that could be an option to be a part of the quilt. There may be fabrics that have words on them or maybe a special scene that you would want to use.


Take your time when building your keepsake quilt. If you're a beginner, you will get better over time so don't be too concerned if your first quilt is not your best. No matter what you create the person receiving this gift is going to love it because it is something that has been handmade and you took the actual effort to make something for them. You should be proud of your accomplishment and then you can simply work on your skills to create something better in the future. There are many guides, videos, and other information online that can show you how to do the actual sewing and putting your quilt together.

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