How to Paint Furniture, Breathe Life Back into Old Dressers, Tables, and Even Sofas!

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You may have many old furniture items around your home or perhaps you've picked up old items at a garage sale, economy store and so on. There are many ways you can change these items into something brand-new even if they are already quite broken down. Often, some items just need a coat of paint while other items might need a little bit more work.

Here are some ideas to turn everyday furniture into something new and unique and how you can go about the process of painting these furniture items so they look brand new.

Getting Started

Before you begin it's important to note that some of these projects will take some woodworking skills although you can get by, by just painting items which will also give them a new life. You have many options when it comes to taking old furniture items to turn them into something unique and special for your home. That old dresser or table you found at the economy store can be turned into something great for your home by making use of some of the ideas in this article.

Dresser bookshelf

You can take an old dresser and turn it into a bookshelf. All you need to do is to remove the drawers and then to add some plywood to create shelves where you need them. You may even want to keep a couple of the drawers and you can use these for small items. You can add the plywood to create your shelves and then you have a nice handy bookshelf.

Entryway Table or Other Table Out of Dresser

If you have an old dresser and you are good with power tools you can take this dresser and turn it into an entryway table or another table. You would simply need to cut it down to the size that you want because it already has legs.

Bathroom Vanity Out of Dresser

One area of the home that often lacks storage space is in the bathroom. Why not take an old dresser and put this in the bathroom and use it as your vanity. You can add a lot of character to the bathroom plus it has plenty of storage space. You can fix it up your painted to match your bathroom, add some decorations on the top and you can add holes in the back panel or the drawers and this can be where you can put the plumbing. Also, you can put a sink in the top and so on. You have many options in the bathroom when you use a dresser.

Dresser Bench

By taking the top off of a dresser and removing the top drawers you can turn this into a nice bench. You can add a Comfy Cushion, a seat, and so on and you can even leave the bottom drawers on and have a place for storage.

Island for Kitchen

If you take the top of a dresser and replace this with granite, marble, or any other hard kitchen surface, you have the makings of a nice Island for your kitchen. You will also have plenty of storage space for cutlery, and other items to use in the kitchen. You can paint this to match the current paint scheme in the kitchen area.

Change Table for Your Baby

This dresser transformation that doesn't require any tools. All you will need to do is to paint the table to match the color that you want. All you're going to want to do is to put an ice padding on top of the dresser and you have an excellent change table. You also have plenty of storage with drawers to put all of your baby items in.

Simple Storage

A dresser doesn't just have to be for clothing. You can take any old dresser and use this as a storage area. You can paint the dresser the way that you want and then label the drawers for small items. For example, you could put crafting items inside of a dresser or you could use this in a sewing room where you would store all of your yarn, needles, and other supplies you need for knitting. You can have an old dresser in the garage and use this as a place to store spare parts. You have many options when it comes to simple storage when you use an old dresser as it doesn't have to be just for old and clothing.

Old Chairs

Perhaps you have found some old chairs or you want to change the chairs that you already have. One way to do this is to simply add a new coat of paint and then add some nice upholstery to them. This is an easy way to make a big change in a room without going to the expense of having to buy new chairs as they can be quite expensive. If you have old metal chairs, for example, try adding some paint to these as they can really look great once you add paint to them.

Replace Dresser Knobs

Another simple change you can make to an old dresser is to take out the old knobs and to put in ones that match your style. You can get many different styles of knobs for dressers and they are very easy to install yet they will give the dresser a whole unique Look. You can experiment and see what works best for you.

Pillows for Couches

One way to change up an old couch is to simply add some pillows to it to give it more color. You can get pillows in a wide range of colors and styles and these can be used to match your room. This can draw the eye away from the couch and towards the pillows.

New Sofa Legs

Another way to change up an old couch or sofa is to simply remove the legs on it and put on new ones. You can get these in many different styles or if you're good in woodworking you can make your own. This is a simple change to any couch that can turn an older couch into something unique and special for your room.

Paint Upholstery

You may not know that you could do this but you can actually paint the upholstery of a couch. The only thing I'll have to make sure of is that the upholstery can actually be painted because some of it can't be painted. There are paints that you can buy that are specifically designed to be used on upholstery.

Painting Old Furniture Items

One of the easiest ways to breathe life into old furniture is to simply paint it again. You can turn any piece of furniture into something special for your room by adding new paint. This guide will show you how to paint wooden furniture.


Before you paint any piece of furniture you're going to need to have to clean it. You want to remove the hardware on the piece of furniture and also take out any drawers if it has those and paint these on their own. You should use some sort of soap that is designed to clean the furniture properly.

Sand It

The next step you have to take is to remove all of the old paint so you can apply the new paint. You can't simply put new paint over top of old paint because the new paint is going to chip and crack and this will expose the paint underneath. You should be able to do this successfully with medium grit sandpaper. Just painting and not staining the furniture then all you really need to do is to remove the glossy finish off of the furniture. If the surface is already quite dull than you usually don't have to send it as much.


Make sure the furniture is dust free and dry. This will help the paint adhere to the piece of furniture. There are many different primers you can get on the market for this purpose.

Another Sanding

Once your Prime the furniture you want to send it again. You want to be sanding after every coat of paint except for the last coat. You will get a better finish and the furniture will look more professional if you are sanding the furniture after each coat of paint. Make sure you remove all of the dust prior to doing the new sanding so this doesn't get stuck in the paint.


There are several ways that you can paint a piece of furniture. You can use regular spray paint, paint sprayer, roller, or a brush. What you use for painting is going to be entirely up to you. Make sure you use high-quality paint that is designed for furniture so that you get a nice finish on the furniture you wish to paint. You may find that you have to use several coats of paint to get a nice finish.


Once the painting is done you have to protect the paint. You should allow all painted furniture to cure for 30 days. This will allow the paint that you have applied to the furniture to set properly. Once this process is done you can then seal the furniture which helps to further protect the paint. You can use furniture wax for this purpose or another sealant.  What the sealant is going to do is to protect the furniture from scratches and marks and help the paint last a long time.


It's easier than you think to paint old furniture and to change furniture into something new and unique by just making a few simple changes. Painting is just one of the things you can do to old furniture to turn it into something special for your home.

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