How to Make Pom Poms – Craft Classy Centerpieces, Wedding Backdrops, Garlands, and More!

There is something magical about pom poms, isn’t there? They are so fluffy and colorful that they can brighten anyone’s day. However, you probably wouldn’t think of them on one of the happiest days of your life – your wedding.

But have you actually seen pom poms at weddings? They look amazing and they steal the show from all of the other decorations. Plus, they are so versatile that you can use them in many different ways.

Interested yet?

Learn how to make great pom poms and how to use them by reading below.

How To Make Yarn Pom Poms

Yarn pom poms may seem a bit old-fashioned to you but they are so much fun and they are also making a huge comeback at the moment. Many people are wearing them on their clothes, shoes, bags, and other places. They have even made an appearance on some weddings.

The best part is that they are really fun and simple to make so you can do it yourself.

Here’s how to do that.

For starters, you will need:

  • Yarn in the color choice you want
  • Cardboard of any type
  • Scissors
  • A pencil
  • Circle objects

Step #1:Preparing the Cardboard

Cut out the cardboard you will later wrap the yarn around. You are supposed to cut it in the donut shape but you can cut the donut too so it’s easier for you. Just trace a large circle and then a smaller one within it and then make a small cut wherever you want.

Step #2: Wrap the Yarn

Wrap the yarn around the shape and keep it as even as possible.

Step #3: Cut the Yarn

Now it’s time to cut the yarn. Start from the edge and then move from there with the cutting. Take a piece of yarn and tie your pom pom between the two pieces of cardboard. Then tie it up tightly.

When you are done with that, you should trim your yarn to make it as circle-shaped as you can.

How To Make a Yarn Pom Pom Fluffier

You can easily add some fluff to your yarn pom pom by simply taking an old brush and brushing it. Make sure that the brush doesn’t have the nubs at the end of the bristles because they will not catch the yarn.

Hold your pom pom tightly and just brush it gently. Brushing harshly could pull some of the yarn and damage your pom pom. However, if you grab it properly and hold it tightly, this shouldn’t happen. Rotate your pom pom and brush all over so it’s all fluffy.

How to Make a Colorful Pom Pom

Getting a really colorful yarn pom pom is quite easy and simple. All you have to do is wrap more than one color at the same time. This ensures that you get a proper color distribution in your pom pom.

How To Decorate With Yarn Pom Poms

Yarn pom poms are so cute and fluffy – your wedding could really benefit from having a few of them around. How about some of these ideas?

Put pom poms in a glass bowl and jar and use it instead of flowers for your tables – you can use a wide variety of colors and sizes or make it all match your decorations

Give out small bags of mini pom poms and tell your guests to throw them when you and your partner get married

Put small yarn pom poms on a string and then use it as a backdrop for your pictures or as decorations for your tables and ceilings.

How To Make Paper Pom Poms

Now, paper pom poms are another trend that has seen a lot of exposure over the past few years. It’s basically everywhere and wedding designers especially love it. It really amps up the space – the cloud-like pom poms sometimes make all the difference.

However, you must think that making them is too hard or that buying them will end up being too expensive.

And in both cases, you’d be wrong.

Paper pom poms are in some cases even easier to make than yarn pom poms and buying them is not expensive either. So, what are you waiting for?

Let’s make some paper pom poms!

You will need:

  • Tissue paper – as much as you want of it and in a color that you want
  • Floral wire or any type of thin, bendy wire
  • Scissors

Step #1: Tissue Paper Fold

Stack 8 to 10 sheets of tissue in your preferred color and size, depending on what you need. Then fold the paper into an accordion with 1 ½ inch folds.

Step #2: The Wire

After you complete your accordion, you should go for the wire and fold it in half, then slip over the center of the tissue accordion and twist it until it’s secured. Trim the ends of the wire to make it safer and nicer.

Step #3: Shape the Paper

Trim the ends of your accordion into a shape you like – it can be pointy, round, heart-shaped and so on. It’s all up to you.

Step #4: Layer, layer, layer

When you have shaped your ends, you should start separating the tissue layers from one another and pull them from the center one at a time. Be careful or you’ll rip them. Or you can just have fun because these paper pom poms are pretty forgiving when it comes to mistakes.

Step #5: Tie it up

You will get a great paper pom pom from this. It looks great any way you decide to use it but you can tie it for that cloud effect. Just get a nice string and tie it to the wire of your paper pom poms.

How To Decorate With Paper Pom Poms

Paper pom poms are one of the most popular wedding decorations and they really look amazing.

There are many ways to use them for your own wedding. Here are some of them:

Hang paper pom poms from the ceilings. You can find a hanging pattern or just hang them randomly and they will still look great. Just make sure they are high enough so that no one hits their head on them and that they are visible without straining your neck

Use paper pom poms for centerpieces on your tables. It’s more durable than flowers and if you pick the right tissue paper, it can be more eco-friendly while looking amazing.

Use paper pom poms on your garlands or put them on a string and hang them as a beautiful backdrop for your wedding pictures

7 Tips For Using Pom Poms As Your Wedding Decoration

Of course, decorating with pom poms and making them is much easier when you have some tips from professionals. Here are some you might find useful:

  1. Pom poms are really easy to make – but they can be even easier when you buy a pom pom maker, especially if you do it very often.
  2. Pom poms look better in clusters – so, pair different shapes and sizes as well as colors of them. This creates an amazing visual impact.
  3. Always hang pom poms in asymmetrical numbers like 3 or 5 so that they don’t look too symmetrical.
  4. Make a few extra pom poms to scatter around the floor or on the tables. This will emphasize the effect of pom poms
  5. Plan colors carefully – either go for a really colorful array of choices or opt for an ombre effect or a similar effect
  6. When making yarn pom poms, fold down the tabs when you start cutting – it will keep the yarn from falling off
  7. Make sure you find a piece of yarn long enough to hang when you tie your pom poms

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