Fairy Garden Supplies – Everything You Need to Make Your Own Fantasy Garden

Whether you wanted to or not, you probably heard about or seen fairy gardens. They are all over the online world and more and more people want them in their own backyards.

You probably do too – who wouldn’t?

They are so cute and really spark your imagination. That being said, creating them is no small feat.

So, without further ado, here is more on how to build your very own fairy garden.

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What Are Fairy Gardens?

Before we dive in deeper into the matter, you probably want to know more about fairy gardens.

A fairy garden is a miniature, decorative garden that’s usually built in a container of some sort. They aim to represent the enchanted lands we all grew up listening about.

These gardens can either serve like static sculptures that look great in your yard, or they can be an interactive space for your kids to play in. No matter what you choose, one thing is for sure – these gardens really succeed at what they aim to do.

Even adults start daydreaming about fairies after seeing them.

In addition to that, fairy gardens are also educational. You can teach your kids how to care for plants and really develop their love of nature this way. It’s also a sensory play area because there are so many different things to touch and feel.

And the fairy garden can also be your very own meditation space. Working on it calms both children and parents which is a great idea for one of those days when everyone is cranky.

Source: Country Living

Fairy Garden Supplies

Any gardening project needs great supplies and this one is no different. Before you start working on your own fairy garden, you should consider what you’ll need and what’s your budget. Don’t start with a bunch of things because then you will just get lost. Start simply, with the basics both in supplies and decorations.

You can always add decorations, miniatures, accessories and so on.

Here are some things that you will need at the outset:

  • Some space to put your fairy garden in – this could be a flower pot or a piece of land in your yard or a barrel. Whatever you want, essentially.
  • You will need some potting soil – there are many options to choose from so pick one that you usually use
  • Some moss – This is actually optional but gardens look great with moss, it adds to that aesthetic.
  • Some small plants – Go to your local nursery and pick out some fun plants. This could be a bonsai tree, mint, some smaller flowers or whatever you like
  • A trowel for gardening
  • Miniatures like fairies, gnomes, fairy houses, butterflies or anything else you want in your fairy garden
  • Pebbles, shells, sea glass, wood, sand and so on.
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How To Start Your Own Fairy Garden

Starting your own fairy garden is no small feat, especially if you never built one. In that spirit, you will need some step-by-step guidance. Here is a simple, yet effective guide to create your own land – or pot – of magic.

1. Choose a container and a location

There are many different types of containers that you can use. You might not even opt to use it if you have plenty of space in your yard. However, this is a detrimental decision for your fairy garden and you should really consider what you want to do with it and what will be best in the future.

Here are some of the container options that you can use:

  • Planter
  • Pot
  • Barrel
  • Raised planter
  • Patio garden bed
  • Birdbath
  • Stacking planters

Pick anything that works for you and your family and take your supplies there. If you want your fairy garden to be indoors, you should still work on it outside because it can get messy.

2. Pick your plants and accessories

Since you can make a garden that will serve as a static work of art or a play area for your kids, you have to make a decision on this before you can start building. Choose your plants and accessories accordingly.

Most people opt for an interactive fairy garden, simply because they kids enjoy playing with it.

Plant choices will depend on the location and the climate, as well as your theme. When it comes to this, it’s best to ask your nursery to help you based on the conditions those plants will live in.

Start with few plants and then work up from there. This is not meant to be a one-and-done type of project but something that evolves with time.

3. Add soil to container or space of choice

One of the best soil options is the dark soil which will enable your plants to prosper. Don’t just use any dirt you can dig up from your garden because this will most likely not work.

You can also mix in some compost in it if you make your own.

However, not all plants like the same type of soil so asking at the nursery is a good idea. Explain to them what you want to do and they will be able to help you in terms of which plants can live well together in the same soil.

4. Arrange plants and miniatures

This is where it gets really fun because you get to envision your perfect setting and recreate it in plants and miniatures. Arrange everything in a way that suits you and your family. You can have some fun by arranging the plants to see how they will look before planting them. This will help you play with the layout and really maximize the space.

Then, you can just enjoy and try out a bunch of different things. Go where your imagination takes you. You can create ponds, rivers, caves, hills, paths, different scenes and so on.

5. Add various features

After you have tested the arrangements in the previous step, it’s time to plant. Add some water to the soil before planting and then dig small holes to place your plants in.. Then mold the space for anything you want to create – streams, rivers, ponds, caves and so on. Cover the roots of plants with soil.

Water the plants after you finish placing them.

7. Finish

This is another fun part of the project. You get to fill the areas that you created with various features like stones, glass gems, wood, fairies, sea glass, sand, moss and so on. Start small with the figurines because you can always add more. You can also add gnomes, wizards, butterflies and other magical figurines and features.

Source: Country Living

More Amazing Fairy Garden Ideas

Fairy gardens are a true magic to create. All you need is some imagination and simple tools to work with. They can be fun for the whole family and be a perfect space for you and your kids to play around with and enjoy. If you need more fairy garden ideas, here are some that will spark your imagination:

Fairy Garden in a Teacup – Get a stylish teacup and make your own fairy garden in a teacup. It’s super cute and it can fit indoors so your kids can enjoy it all the time.

Miniature Flower pot Fairy Garden – Who says a fairy garden can’t fit on a smaller space? Flower pots are a perfect space to make a home for all of your home and garden fairies.

Birdhouse Fairy Garden – Have a spare birdhouse? Create a perfect garden with it by making it the house and planting around it

Pinecone Fairy House – Pinecones are a great addition to your fairy garden as they can act as a house if you add some details. Especially so if you want that autumn feel.

Fairy Garden in a Washtub – Your wash tub could serve as the perfect place to plant your own fairy garden.

Fairy Garden in a Broken Pot – We’ve all seen those perfect miniature fairy gardens in broken pots. You could make one yourself too.

Fairy Garden Around a Tree – This is a perfect idea if you have a tree in your yard. Add a door and some windows between the roots and plant around the tree.

Twinkling Fairy Garden with Led Lights – If you want to add some sparkle to your fairy garden, twinkling lights are just the thing you need.

Change your Fairy Garden According to Seasons – If you really want to amp it up, you can change your garden to fit into the season. There are numerous great ideas for that.

Create a Beachy Fairy Garden – An idea that’s not mentioned so often, but still a great one. Send your fairy off to a seaside vacation with some shells and pebbles.

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