DIY Cat House – How to Easily Design the Purrfect House, as Elaborate or as Simple as Fluffy Demands!

Your little furry friend seems to be sleeping wherever it lands. But in general, they like comfy, safe places – cats are like that, the smaller the space the happier they are. However, they also adore climbing all over the place, sitting on the window perch, or exploring your shelves.

If your cat is mainly an indoor pet, it might need a bit of exercise and a place they could really use both for sleeping and for playing.

But buying an elaborate cat house can be expensive and you just know that your cat will still prefer the box their new house came in or your shelves.

So, why not cut that cost and make them a funhouse yourself? You can make it as simple or as elaborate as you want and design something that your cat will really love.

Here are some great ideas.

How To Make A Cardboard Cat House

Cardboard is a cheap material and it’s also very durable, especially for cats. So, this is the perfect material for your cat house – especially considering how much they love boxes.

Making a cardboard cat house is very simple and fun. The best part is that you can make it as simple or as complex as you want – and you can always build upon that.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Cardboard boxes – you can get as many as you want and in different sizes
  • Box cutter or scissors
  • Pen
  • Paint – this is an optional thing but if you would rather have a cat house that matches your general interior design, you should paint it
  • Glue

Step #1: Layout

Lay all of your boxes flat – not in the shape of boxes just yet and then take a pen and draw all of the windows and doors you want to add. Make sure that they are big enough for your cat to freely walk in or out. You should also draw the openings that will lead from one floor to the next. This is where you can get creative and make it a medieval castle, a more modern home or anything else you want.

Step 2: Cut, cut, cut

Now that you have the basic design, you should cut out following your lines. Then make your boxes into an actual box shape and glue the flap parts together. Make a hole for your cat to pass between the floors.

Step #3: Stack

Now you should stack your floors. Glue the boxes well together and make sure your passage holes align. Leave the final box free if you want to add some other design elements like a castle roof or some other shape. Then, add that final box on top. Keep in mind that this is just a basic design and that you can really do whatever you want when it comes to layout and the number of boxes.

Step #4: Add decorations

This is another step where you can really let your imagination run wild. For instance, paint your boxes to make them look like a real castle, or paint them to match other colors in your home. Place some cushions inside if your cat likes it and also some of their favorite toys. Be creative!

Elaborate Cat House Ideas

So, you are ready to make a real mansion for your beloved cat? Great! Here are some fun ideas that your cat will love:

A Cat Tree

This is a wooden structure with ropes, carpeting, and many shelves for your cat to climb on. Making one is so much fun and your cat will love it. But how about taking it literally and using real tree branches to make it?

It’s recommended that you use juniper branches which are easy to purchase and they are really sturdy and durable.

Add some platforms for relaxing and scratching posts as well as some foliage to keep it both stylish and realistic. This design brings some of the nature inside and enables your cat to have a lot of fun indoors.

Cat Hammock

Everyone loves a hammock and so will your cat. All you need is a cardboard box for the base and an old cloth for the hammock. Cut the box and the cloth and tie the cloth on both sides and secure it all properly.

If you have more cats, you can make them hammock bunk bed so they can still be together while having their own space. Get a simple wooden frame and then tie the cloth on the ripes.

You can also add some fun stuff for your cat like scratching posts, toys, and so on.

Outdoor Indoor Space

Some cats like being outdoors and some don’t. Either way, if you want them to experience the fresh air and adventures while keeping them safe, build them an outdoor enclosure that will allow them to do this.

You will need some wood and some chicken wire and build a great space that’s closed so your cat can’t get out or get hurt while still leaving them enough room to roam.

Customize this project to match what you and your cat love.

Window Perch

If your cat loves sitting in the sunshine but your windows just don’t give them enough space, you can build your own window perch. It’s really simple when you add a shelf and some pillows but you can also make them a fun playground around it so they can have some fun in the sun.

Cat Condo

Fix plenty of huge tubes together and your cat will have just the perfect condo. All you need is a few concrete styrofoam tubes, carpeting for the insides so it’s comfy and your cat can scratch, and something to hold it all together.

You can go a step further if you are a Doctor Who fan and build them a tardis condo and add plenty of fun features to play with. Just paint your tubes or your boxes in TARDIS blue and watch your kitty enjoy.

Simple Cat House Ideas

If you are not so crafty with the DIY projects and you just want something simple, yet enjoyable for your cat, here are a few projects for you:

Wall Shelves

Why not add some cat shelves that are built specifically for your cat’s enjoyment? This will not only save your own shelves but it’s also very simple to make. Buy simple shelves and add some carpeting on them so your cat is comfortable. Arrange them in a fun pattern and you can even add some ropes and other fun elements if you feel like it.

Teepee House

This is another very simple and straightforward project for you. You can either buy a small teepee or build your own with some wooden dowels, safety pins, twine, and some nice cloth.

You can also make them a tent in a similar way with some cardboard and a large old t-shirt.

Old Sweater Cat Bed

This is a really simple idea – your cat loves sweaters when they are on you, so why not give them their own? Find an old, soft sweater and make a comfy cat bed from it. Cover a really soft and small pillow with it for extra comfort, secure it with sewing or trying it and that’s it.

Suitcase Bed

If you want something really simple yet stylish, grab an old suitcase and make a bed out of it. Open it up and fill it with some blankets and pillows. Support the open suitcase with some dowels and screws so it’s always perfectly half-open.

If you are feeling especially creative, you can also paint it and add some travelling stamps and decorations on it, but this is only an option, not a necessity

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