Backsplash Tile Stickers – Update Tired Backsplashes with Easy-to-Use Peel & Stick Tiles


Many people have backsplash tiles that they want to change around but they don't know about the best way to go about this. One simple way to exchange your backsplash tiles is to use what is called peel and stick tiles or backsplash tile stickers. These can change up the way different rooms in your home look without much effort. Here is a little bit more about peel and stick tiles and some design options that you might want to use in your home.

How to Use

Peel and stick tiles are very easy to use. You can install them on any smooth and clean surface. They could go on a glass tile backsplash, ceramic tiles, and so on. They can easily be removed once you are through with them and you can try different tiles until you get the look that you want. They're perfect for places that you're renting because you can have your own design and individual style and then remove the peel and stick tiles when it's time to move out without any damage to the surface. You can take peel and stick tiles and improve any surface to get the look that you want.

Placing Tiles

Just follow the instructions that come with your peel and stick tiles. They're very simple to apply and you shouldn't have any problem doing this. Just line them up with your own tiles and you should be fine. You may need a cutter to get the tiles into the shape that you want prior to putting them on the surface. Once you place the tile on the surface, add a bit of pressure to it so that it is put in place by the adhesive.

Removing Tiles

Removing tiles can be a more complex process so here is how you should go about it.

  • To make it easier to remove your peel and stick tile take a blow dryer and use this to warm up each one of the tiles which will make it easier to remove them
  • You should do this for several minutes because it will soften the adhesive that is on the back of the tile and make it easy to take off
  • You should begin by pulling a softly at the corners of the tile to get them ready to remove. Do this slowly so that the tile comes off all at once
  • If the tile isn't moving and you're having some resistance, heat them up for a longer duration and you should be able to remove them without much trouble

The tiles themselves are heat resistant and this helps them stay in place when they are warmed up if I stoves or other areas where you may have them but when you apply direct heat to the tile it comes off very easily as the heat from the stove is simply not enough to remove the tile. If you don't heat up the peel and stick tiles prior to removing them, it's much harder to remove them and you may have bits and pieces of the tile left behind.

Design ideas – Brainstorm

The first thing you should do before you add any backsplash tile is to do a little bit of brainstorming. You should have some design ideas in mind and then go to a building supply store or another store that sells backsplash tiles and have a look at what they have. Since these tiles are so inexpensive, you can try several design options before you decide on the one you want to use. You should spend a little time deciding exactly what you want before you go about the process as this is going to make it easier for you to find something that you actually like and then you can simply add the design you've picked to your backsplash.

There are multiple ways that you can use backsplash tiles. The following ideas should get you started about ways you can use them around the home to spruce up your decor and add new design options you might not have thought of before. These tiles are a cheap and cost-effective way of changing up rooms in your home without going to the expense of actually adding real tile to replace old tiles. Just remember that you can add peel and stick tiles to virtually any backsplash that you have in your home so you have many design options when you use these sorts of tiles.

Change a backsplash in the Kitchen

One of the simplest ways to use a backsplash tile is in the kitchen. Some kitchens come with backsplashes that are very ugly. If you are renting, you may find that you have a very ugly backsplashes that you want to change into something you like. You can't change the actual tiles on your own, as this goes against the rental agreement, but you can add a backsplash tiles to change the color and then remove this once you move out. Backsplash tiles don't cost a whole lot of money when compared to real tiles and they're easy to apply. If you want a nice look in your kitchen whether you're renting or not, consider applying some backsplash tiles in whatever design that you prefer.

It can be very easy to change things around the kitchen by adding backsplash tile. You may have tile around the counter area that you simply don't like and by adding some backsplash peel and stick tile on, you can change this area without doing a whole lot of work. Since we already spend a lot of time in the kitchen, adding peel and stick tiles to change up your kitchen can be a simple way to add a lot of variety and personal style to your kitchen.

Accent Wall

If you want to add accent to a wall that already has tiles you can add some backsplash tiles here to change up the design that you already have on the accent wall. By adding peel and stick tiles, you can change your accent wall and give it a new look without much trouble at all.

Bathroom Tiles

In the bathroom, we often have tiles that we simply don't like. It's extremely expensive to change tiles in the bathroom and this is also a lot of work. If you don't have the money to do this or simply don't have enough time to renovate your bathroom, consider adding some peel and stick tiles to the backsplashes in your bathroom. This can add a very attractive look to your bathroom without having to spend a whole lot of money with costly renovations. You have many design options in the bathroom when you add backsplash tiles and you can mix and match them until you find something that you like. For example, you could do some simple painting in the bathroom which is a lot less expensive than full renovations and then match your tiles to the paint.

Children’s Rooms

Perhaps you have some tile in your child's room that you don't like. You could change this up by adding some backsplash tile. You could get some peel and stick tile in your favorite children's character or perhaps from a movie that they like and you can really turn their room into something special for them by using backsplash tile. As they get older, you can change the style to match their current trends in style without having to change the actual tile in the bedroom.

Games Room/Man Cave/Entertainment

Some homes feature a game room where there might be a bar, pool table, television, or another area where friends and family members hang out. You may have some tile in this area. You can take some backsplash peel and stick tile and change up the area. For example, the man of the house may have a man cave where he likes to hang out with his friends. It can be a simple change by adding some peel and stick tile to tiles that might be behind the bar, for example. There are many ways to add peel and stick tiles to entertainment areas or game rooms of your home without adding a lot of added expense.

Headboard Tiles

Some people have tiles above their headboard for their bed. Changing these with new tile is going to be a larger project and it can get quite expensive. You can make this an easy process by adding some peel and stick tiles to your old tiles for a new look. Change up any tile within your bedroom with peel and stick tiles – they are so easy to use! You could change the look of your bedroom frequently by using these sorts of tiles depending upon your mood.


Peel and stick tiles are very easy to use and they can make an ordinary backsplash extraordinary because you have so many design options when you can simply peel and stick the design. You can try peel and stick tiles anywhere you have backsplashes in the home. This is a simple design trick to spruce up areas of your home without spending a whole lot of money.

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